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    kanketsu Guest
    Glad to hear that! We'll wait patiently; best of luck!

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    TwistedJay Guest


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    Hipmans Guest
    Anyone else have a problem with Proposition JOe's Chrono Cross links? I followed the links, downloaded and installed the game +fix and used Rebug version spoofer to 4.00 and can't get the game to work. Could there be something wrong with the fix, cause once it's installed I see Breath of fire in the gamelist which I did not even install.....? Any help is appreciated.

    please ignore above post, I just noticed breath of fire links are right above Chrono Cross so for sure I must have picked the wrong fix.

    Sorry for wasting your time

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    daSlayer87 Guest
    Does the PSN Horror Game "AMY" works on CFW 3.55?

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    dreamwalker7 Guest
    Amy doesn't work on 3.55.

    If you're having problems with Chrono Cross use the 4.00 spoofer patch pkg

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    vincemeister55 Guest
    about the chrono cross fixed, I have the 3.66 spoofer, will that work or should i need the 4.00 spoof?

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    Hipmans Guest
    I can confirm it works with the 4.00 spoof but it should also run with 3.66 as it only requires 3.60

  8. #1498
    vincemeister55 Guest
    I can also confirm that it works on a 3.65 spoof. But is this just the disc 1 of the game? I remember it was 3 ps one disc.

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    Someone2 Guest
    It was 2 discs not 3, also i'm guessing being compressed in a eboot makes it smaller

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    zoh321 Guest
    this game Aqua Vita / Aquatopia

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