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    thanks, this fixed was recently found and it worked, didn't know who made this though..

    is this the first 3.60 game that fixed to 3.55??

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    mmm... interesting... but it seems to be a update but... who knows...

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    It is an update I've unpacked and is in fact the normal update says 3.60 PARAM.SFO

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    There was some confusion with my Scott Pilgrim fix. People said it was still demo locked. I'll have to go back to it and grab my new exdata and see if that makes a difference. It works under ReActpsn 1.11. Don't know if you need the patch I made, or just the actual install pkg might work. Not sure tbh.

    Please follow directions on using this. Backup what it tells you, and don't try it on a 256 nand PS3.

    Games tested and working fully so far:
    Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
    Rush N Attack Ex Patriot

    Cheers and enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperor17 View Post
    Platform : PS3 Date : May 19, 2011
    Size : 6.3gb Genre : Racing
    Languages : Region : EU

    Release Info:

    DiRT 3

    confirmed worked
    I've tested and does not work Kmeaw CFW 3.55

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    edit : some people say dirt 3 didn't work and keep asking to update 3.60

    need further confirmation abut this.

    someone who says it's works says that you must redownload all the file he share.

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    She asks me to upgrade to 3.60, this because the pkg is simply a 3.60 official update is not any fix

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    yes one of my friend already download it and doesn't work, sorry to dissapoint.

    first they said that it tested and work, seem just a hoax and now it confirmed that it isn't work.

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    Dec 2010
    You should tell us if it worked for you next time or if you just saw it posted, thanks for the clarification though.

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    yes, my bad.

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