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    acimbo Guest
    Name: Mortal Kombat DLC + Unlocks
    Source: PSN
    Size: 292.07 MB
    Game ID: BLUS30522
    Firmware: 3.41-3.55 CFW
    Region: USA
    Release By: Scorpion2K

    This pack contains all of the current DLC for Mortal Kombat.

    Ermac Classic
    Reptile Classic
    Scorpion Classic
    SubZero Classic

    Jade Classic
    Kitana Classic
    Noob Classic
    Smoke Classic

    Cyber Sub-Zero Classic
    Cyrax Classic
    Jade Classic
    Kitana Classic
    Mileena Classic
    Sektor Classic
    Sub-Zero Classic

    Freddy Krueger
    Mileena 'Toilet Paper Wraps'


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    ShafikSharbaji Guest
    man am talking about fifa 12

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    acimbo Guest

  4. #1424
    ShafikSharbaji Guest
    Thnx bro Life Saver

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    acimbo Guest
    Thx got the team ExeTrimALL..

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    Nightgrowler Guest
    Has anyone decrypted these DLC's for LBP2 on 3.55 CFW:

    Stranger's Costume
    Ezio from AC: Revelations
    Final Fantasy VII
    Killzone 3 minipack
    Tron:Evolution Minipack
    Uncharted 3

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    Hissatsu Guest

    Renegade Ops (PSN) [FW 3.41][CFW 3.55] FIX (FIX ONLY):
    Game ID: NPEB00446
    FIX: http://www.multiupload.com/2W8KKS98FR

    1. Get the game installer (you know where to get it), install from Install Package Files option.
    2. Install the FIX PKG from Install Package Files option.
    *Say YES to overwrite the existing folder notice.
    3. Reset you console without any payload (NO USB JB in PS3).
    4. Play the game.

    NOTE: FW 3.41 DONGLE users, run this game without any payload in the console (NO DONGLE inserted)!

    Edited and tested myself.

    FULL creds to RangerRus for the release!

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    OEPRules Guest
    MultiUpload get taken down as well?

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    Hissatsu Guest
    Wouldnt know, but its acting up for me aswell, so here is a Mediafire link for:

    Renegade Ops (PSN) [FW 3.41][CFW 3.55] FIX (FIX ONLY):
    Game ID: NPEB00446
    FIX: http://www.mediafire.com/?ptu9t6xi9a7bclo

    Same instructions as previous post!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OEPRules View Post
    MultiUpload get taken down as well?
    Probably has since it hasn't worked for anyone lately. My guess is that they're just taking down "Megaupload" as an upload option but I could be wrong and they could have been taken down for the same reason megaupload got taken down.

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