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  1. #1301
    Maajid Guest
    Just my internet then

    Yep, mine is hovering around the 80k/sec - nowhere near my max.

  2. #1302
    jedaking Guest
    Sorry. great speed now

  3. #1303
    Maajid Guest
    Just make sure you seed after you finish.

  4. #1304
    openupyourmind Guest
    i just cant wait for skyrim.

  5. #1305
    razor1993 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by romhunter View Post
    Oh, this FIFA 12 version is from Europe. Securely with commentaries in Gallego!!! A kick in the nuts!!!

    I will keep wating for American version fix. Thanks anyway
    Download the American version, and take the language files, and replace it with the EU version with one of the languages you don't want!

    On most Games this method work

  6. #1306
    inchewazu Guest
    Thanks a lot waited for some of those games..!

  7. #1307
    atko Guest
    Fifa 12 works perfectly apart from no commentary at all during the match. Anyone else got this problem?

  8. #1308
    lele0o0o Guest

  9. #1309
    fernan1234 Guest
    Good to hear things like this are happening, even if it is for crappy sports games.

  10. #1310
    ivanjerome81 Guest
    hi there nice work... but joe where can i get the monkey island special edition non fixed...??

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