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  1. #1291
    wak Guest
    Hello, I need help with TMNT REshelled after I save the game the saving and trophies are disabled because it says i'm using others save?

  2. #1292
    aamir007 Guest
    Freaking yeaahhh!! Mind my bad language but i am physced to play this game.

    Keep up the awesome work devs and hope to see more games coming through

  3. #1293
    Maajid Guest
    Can you please post the torrent site where you found it? I'm only getting filesharing sites with a download limit when I search for it. It will be much appreciated.

  4. #1294
    pablogers Guest
    will have to wait for torrent sites to upload, i get the error of the collaboration thing, plus i prefer to use my private torrents

  5. #1295
    Maajid Guest
    You and I both, mate. To be honest I'm a little surprised that none of the private trackers have picked up on this release.

  6. #1296
    kombat75 Guest
    yea torrents is much more better than the fileserve and megaupload as it got limits downloading..

    pls share a torrents site if anyone have it..

  7. #1297
    Maajid Guest
    Found it: rarbg.com/torrents/filmi/download/af28a7061c3184464fcf3ec11962f1ef417848cc/torrent.html

    but with low seeds.

  8. #1298
    sexD Guest
    Is there anyway of installing this via the network? If I don't have an usb stick? What folder should i copy the files to ?

  9. #1299
    Natepig Guest
    I'm in the process of copying and installing the packages again to see if that helps. If not i'll see about downloading from a different source. I had reactpsn installed before, but because I could only get some games to work, I ditched it.

    That link is good... the speed is pretty good.

  10. #1300
    jedaking Guest
    Great.. but it is idiots uploading.. my download is like 20kb/s lame!!

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