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    Apr 2005
    I have now added that to your previous post as well and +Rep for the follow-up lele0o0o!

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    LiteSoul Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lele0o0o View Post
    all games tested and it work on 3.55 as full game (i don't know about 3.41)

    No hack, anything? mmm strange...

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    jarvis Guest
    Just curious... is this the most current list? There are a number of older games I would love to see (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat II, Final Fantasy 7 - 9, MegaMans, etc.).

    Also, anybody know what keys were used to sign Mortal Kombat Kollection? I'm wondering if we will be able to use this exploit to run this game (probably not, I know).

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    lele0o0o Guest

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    Mantagtj Guest
    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all the people in this thread all jumping to work like busy bees , well done guys, u don't learn unless you try, well done

    Thanks to PS3NEWS for sharing the knowledge

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    Apr 2005

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    +Rep to lele0o0o again as well.. for now I will continue adding all of your updates to your main post HERE, and at some point soon (this weekend most likely) I will go through this entire thread and condense all the links into a single post.

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    justanotherguy Guest
    Not really new here, but just registered.

    Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

    This is just the hack file. Didn't want to link outside to Sony's servers, but just search for 'Scott Pilgrim NPUB30162' to get the link.

    Hope it works for everyone, cheers

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    Necrofenser Guest
    Woooow! Great thanks! Downloading right now!

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    Hissatsu Guest
    Ellow, Here is the Explodemon FW 3.41 FIX (FIX ONLY):

    Follow the readme!

    Ellow, Your FIX works great. I just repacked it to a full game and it works like a charm, TESTED on FW 3.41:


    Scott Pilgrim Vs The Worls is still a DEMO, by my repack. So don't DL unless ya want to try it on FW 3.41!


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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Hi, is there a way to get the Final Fantasy's working with this method?

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