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    Quote Originally Posted by Natepig View Post
    I used the normal way to play these psn pkg games, installed to the internal hdd.
    Hmm should be working fine ... maybe wait for HeyManHRU to reply as he manage to get it working fine.

    I might waiting for the FIX Eboot or Patch or worst to worst I have to download the FULL PSN FIFA 12..

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    Sep 2009
    FIFA 12 full game fixed for 3.41 & 3.55

    FILSONIC {SPEED=30MB/S}{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part01.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part02.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part03.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part04.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part05.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part06.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part07.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part08.rar{full-game-fixed-for-3.41-3.55}[lele0o0o].part09.rar

    FILSERVE{part 5 online}

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    any idea if there's any hope for f1 2011 to be patched for 3.55 cfw?

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    Mar 2011
    Did you have the .torrents files instead of this fileserve or filesonic coz i hate getting this error..

    This file is not a collaboration file and is too big to be downloaded by free users. Upgrade Now

    Want to avoid this limitation? Click here to upgrade now.

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    kombat75: there are enough links for free-users. i remember also RS links, where you can dl with fullspeed!

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    any hope of getting the european FF XIII-2 Demo for kmeaw cfw?

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    Of course they will not work, PSN and Retail Games are signed differently so there is no way u can put psn eboot, self ect.. on retail and vice versa

    its not too hard to download it, i have found it on some torrent sites too

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    guys i've tested it and it's totally not working let's download this fine PSN version.

    my fifa version was: BLUS-30809

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    Thanks, guys for testing. I suspected it wont work. If it were that easy then only fix would have been posted. Like Duplex release of Driver: San Francisco - works only PSN version, right? Just like mod632 said - retail and PSN games are signed totally different.

    On a NATEPIGs note: Very strange he cant make the game working. It's tested on 3.41 and 3.55 and it works flawlessly.

    Something must be wrong with your PS3 setup or corrupted download. Do you have ReactPSN installed maybe? You must provide with more details.

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