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  1. #1271
    eustahija Guest
    Thanks EXEtrimALL, you are my God from today! FIFA 12 is only game I waiting for! I have maybe stupid question. I already have full FIFA 12 game released by CHARGED and I wondering can I put just fix files from PSN game release to USRDIR folder on my own game? Is it work?

  2. #1272
    danielpc99 Guest
    nobody tried yet.. you could be the first one

  3. #1273
    kombat75 Guest
    You can try it and see if it work and if it does work you can post here and we can share the good news.. I still downloading the PSN FIFA 12 VEr...

  4. #1274
    KICKinYaFACE Guest
    Next up Darksouls?

  5. #1275
    wak Guest
    good job on fifa 12!

    I have a question about TMNT ReSHELLED- I can play game but the problem I have is after I make a save and then exit game, then go back to play again it says that the save is from other user and the saving and trophies are disabled?

    anybody else have this problem is there a way to fix? please help Thanks.

  6. #1276
    Raikard Guest
    .sprx, .self and .bin files from the fixed PSN version of Fifa 12 didn't work on the EUR Version of FIFA 12 playing from external

  7. #1277
    Natepig Guest
    I have downloaded all the multiupload parts, extracted them into the 3 pkgs, and installed them in the correct order without error. The game launches to the fifa12 logo loading screen but after it loads trophy data, it hangs for a bit then black screens. You are however able to quit to xmb via ps button. Any help from propjoe or hissatu would be greatly appreciated.

  8. #1278
    kombat75 Guest
    Btw Natepig, did you try ExternaL or InternaL to play the FIFA 12 ??

  9. #1279
    eustahija Guest
    .sprx, .self and .bin files from the fixed PSN version didn't work with my CHARGED BLUS version of FIFA 12... Seems we must downloading the full fixed psn version.

  10. #1280
    Natepig Guest
    I used the normal way to play these psn pkg games, installed to the internal hdd.

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