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  1. #1261
    HeyManHRU Guest
    No problem, like I said we appreciate people posting links here. Also I can confirm that Fifa 12 works flawlessly on 3.55 CFW, time to play some manager mode.

  2. #1262
    ezzitdus Guest
    yes you can bypas the 1 limit download: rapid8.com/index.php?issue=nourl

    you can 2 downloads at a time!

  3. #1263
    yayes Guest
    great news

    i hope the next game they released is PES 2012

  4. #1264
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Here (http://www.multiupload.com/N74SKI3IGS) are the .sprx, .self and .bin files from the fixed PSN version of Fifa 12 if anyone wants them.

  5. #1265
    kombat75 Guest
    HeyManHRU - how to use this files ?

    you mean we can use the retail FIFA 12 and copy over the .sprx, .self, .bin files ??

  6. #1266
    kombat75 Guest
    But I prefer torrent files to download rather than download 2 at a time..

    Looking around for the .torrents files still no luck.. have to wait or try again..

  7. #1267
    evilpdor Guest

  8. #1268
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Hi, guys.

    First, allow me to thank you for nice article and front news on FIFA12 PSN for CFW. I hope you enjoy this too.

    Now, since we had a hectic night there was no time to test certain options with fix only. I see HeyManHRU posting link for "command" files in game.

    Can I have confirmation that Eboot, sprx, self and paramsfo are sufficient to post as FIX ONLY option for those owning the game already?
    Thanks, propJOE.

  9. #1269
    kombat75 Guest
    Hi pr0p0sitionJOE,

    Correct me if i wrong, it should be much more better or i can said sufficient to just post the FIX ONLY as mostly all of us owning the RETAIL FIFA 12 BLUS OR BLES Version..

    We just need the fix or eboot patch could be nice if you happen to have it , you can post it here and the admin will approve it or HeyManHRU will post it here too.

  10. #1270
    danielpc99 Guest
    hey propJOE, i'm still downloading the whole psn-game.. i will give it a try this afternoon.

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