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    djandy76 Guest
    Wow, there're so many titles available now, it's difficult to know where to start! Anyway, I've been snooping around, but unless I've overlooked something, I haven't been able to find any mention of the DLC expansion packs for Fallout: New Vegas. Does anyone happen to know if a) they're out there, or b) if not, are they likely to pop up (firmware permitting)?


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    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tulla2010 View Post
    thx but DLC & patch links are broken
    Hi how are you.. Try this Links:

    (Castlevania - Lords of shadow DLCs):


    Update Patch 1.03:

    FIX (3.41/3.55) By Hissatsu:
    http://www.multiupload.com/XYWC6073DM (Install Update 1.03 & DLC1, DLC2 & Fix)

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    atko Guest
    Right click on the links that are broken and click on copy link address then post it in your search browser and that will work

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    tulla2010 Guest
    awesome thx guys

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    daSlayer87 Guest
    Right so it works i just did copy/paste sry for the confusion

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    mod632 Guest

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Woow! So many new games, superb!!!! Gotta try FF series

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    JasonSlaye Guest
    Will be so cool all game will be decrypted.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Hehe one day, maybe

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    PeNtZ Guest
    Thank's Duplex! you are the best and the only hope for the mortals! Have a fix for Chaos of Theory?

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