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    BBoy Chrif Guest

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    stue1975 Guest
    Hi Hissatsu.

    Marvel Pinball : PKG


    I've really pleased this has been released but is there a crack fix for it rather a rap file which i have no idea what to do with it, any info would be really helpful been waiting ages for this psn release.


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    pecl Guest
    patiently waiting on chrono cross...

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    BBoy Chrif Guest
    3 New PSN games links:

    1) (The Secret Of MONKEY ISLAND: Special Edition) PSN:
    Fixed Full Game 3.41/3.55:

    2) (MONKEY ISLAND 2 Special Edition - LeChuck's Revenge) PSN:

    3) (TerRover) PSN

    Special Thanks To: Johnny & Hissatsu & Sure EXEtrimAll, JuanNADIE & Timoshenko..

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    Hissatsu Guest

    I dont have all the necessary files to edit NPDRM games yet. So those FW 3.50+ games that are edited and work only on CFW 3.55 are gonna stay like that. Untill i get what i need to decrypt the EBOOT.BINs. Than we will be able to play them.

    As for Marvel Pinball the game hasnt been FIXed yet to work whitout ReactPSN (hence you linked the rap file as well)...
    Till its FIXEd with an edat file and till i can decrypt the EBOOT.BIN to lower FW i cannot help you.

    An another note:

    The Secrets Of Monkey Island Special Edition (PSN) [FW 3.41] & [CFW 3.55] FULL GAME FIX (FULL GAME FIXED):
    Game ID: NPEB00191
    FIXED GAME: http://www.multiupload.com/FTXLPJJ3NI

    1. Get the game installer (from the upper link), install from Install Package Files option.
    2. Play the game.

    Edited and tested myself.

    Creds to EXEtrimall and Juan Nadie for the algo stuff.

    And Timoshenko for the release!

    TerRover (PSN) [FW 3.41][CFW 3.55] PROPER FIX (FIX ONLY):
    Game ID: NPUA30037
    FIX: http://www.multiupload.com/FJTWF87RPB

    1. Get the game installer (you know where to get it), install from Install Package Files option.
    2. Install the FIX PKG from Install Package Files option.
    *Say YES to overwrite the existing folder notice.
    3. Play the game.

    Edited and tested myself.

    Creds to EXEtrimall and Juan Nadie for the algo stuff.

    And Timoshenko for the release!

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    megatrackerx Guest
    thanks hissatsu! i have react installed but i can't do to work marvel pinball cuase the game updates requires to me have 3.50 firm or superior to run

  7. #1127
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    I hope BBoy is happy now. Hear SIMPHONY!
    Forgot one:

    HOARD (NPUB30422)
    Full game:
    FIX: (edat file)


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    Emad47 Guest
    Excuse me but why the hackers are fixing rubbish (some of them) PSN games?

    Why nobody is going to fix latest famous games?? like RAYMAN.FIFA12.RESISTANCE3.NFS THE RUN.ets

  9. #1129
    NTA Guest
    Well probably because they can. You could try to find them and ask them what their methods are and learn from it and do what neads to be done to do the famous games

    I would at least attempt

  10. #1130
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Hey Johnny How are you my bro.. i know i forgot Hoard for you (to complete it) because you are the Boss

    thank you V.M. for the links.. & many thanks for Hissatsu.. you know Joe? i am not happy cause (Castlevania H.O.D.)...

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