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    Hamilton Zeus Guest
    it seems that things are improving! Since the day is coming that this system will be the best option between keeping ps3 locked or not!

    I just hope that not too long because of the existence of the ghost PS4 is becoming stronger, there will be a new battle for swindling the system! But where is the fun, they blocks from there!

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    Apr 2005

    PSChannel RC1 PS3 Homebrew Store Source Code by Deroad Out

    Following up on his last update, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer deroad has made available the PSChannel RC1 PS3 homebrew store source code for Custom Firmware (CFW) users alongside some build updates below.

    Download: PSChannel RC1 PS3 Homebrew Store Source Code / GIT / REX 4.21 PKG by atreyu187 / Rogero 4.30 v2.03 PKG by STLcardsWS / PSChannel v1.01 Brewology Version (GeoHot) / PSChannel v1.01 3.40-4.30 PKG (Mirror) / PSChannel v1.01 Brewology Version (Unsigned) / PSChannel v1.01 3.40-4.30 PKG (Mirror) / PSChannel v1.01 (ES) 3.40-4.30 PKG / PSChannel v1.01 (ES) 3.40-4.30 (GeoHot) PKG by rubio0075 / PSChannel v1.02 Brewology Version (GeoHot) / PSChannel v1.02 Brewology Version (Unsigned) / PSChannel v1.02 Brewology Version (3.60+) by Mistawes / PSChannel PS3 EFL 4.XX PKG by deroad / PSChannel v1.02 Blue Theme (3.55) / PSChannel v1.02 Blue Theme (4.XX) / PSChannel v1.02 Blue Theme (4.XX) (Mirror) by opium2k / PSChannel (Original) PKG / PSChannel v1.02 3.40-4.30 PKG by haz367 (install original package, install PKG on top for any CFW, requires Internet connection or boots back to XMB) / PSChannel PS3 EFL GNPDRM PKG 4.XX v1.03 / PSChannel PS3 EFL GNPDRM PKG 3.55 v1.03 / PSChannel PS3 EFL PKG 3.41 v1.03 / PSChannel v1.03 (Blue - 3.55 CFW) / PSChannel v1.03 (Blue - 4.XX CFW) / PSChannel v1.05 Blue Theme (Signed) / PSChannel v1.05 Blue Theme (Unsigned) by opium2k / PSChannel v1.09 (UnSigned) / PSChannel v1.09 (GeoHot) / PS3CHT-CHET20000_00-PS3USERCHEAT0200_NoSound_NewICON_BG_gingerbread.pk g by gingerbread

    To quote: This is my 1st gift for Xmas. Finally I have released PSChannel Source Code.. it's an open source homebrew store ideated and entirely build by me. You can find the source code here (linked above).

    To compile it you need: RSXGL and EFL libs for PSL1GHT

    Then just run ./build_psc.sh

    There is a missing font (SCE-PS3-SR-R-LATIN.TTF) that is not included due legal reason. I want to thanks KaKaRoTo for all his help. (the real gift will be released in the next few days)

    Sorry for this delay, but i'm working to release something that works, so i'm fixing some problems that we found yesterday.

    From atreyu187: I made a work around (above) for 4.21 REX users. Simply install the unsigned version then go to MM and go to hdd0:/games/PSCHANNEL/USDIR and replace the eboot there with this one and I have resigned and it works fine.

    Not the most elegant way but hey it works fine till someone can re-pkg it signed for 4.21 users. The GH version just gives and error every time I try to install.

    From STLcardsWS: Here (above) is the eboot i resigned and works on rogero 4.30 v2.03. I was going to make a PKG but the content ID doesn't work with aldostools (tools i was using) its likes the 4 letter 5 numeric format. Replace in: dev_hdd0/games/PSCHANNEL/USRDIR/

    Changelog v1.02:
    • fixed some bugs
    • added some indicators like the number of the homebrew in the category, size of them and version

    Changelog v1.03:
    • Security updates.
    • Added some server commands.
    • Small bug fix.
    • 'theme' folder, moved inside the USRDIR folder.
    • Author name will be displayed instead of the "Package" text.
    • Added force update if an old version.

    Changelog v1.09:

    This version will bring some improvements like allow fast translations of the homebrew. Now you can install a theme or a translation easily and choose the pkg to download. in this way if you are on 3.55, you can install the 3.55 version, if on dex, the DEX/unsigned version, etc..


    To install a Theme for PSChannel, you need to create a zip with the modified edj files and place the zip in the root folder of a usbkey; then you only need to go into ‘info’ and press triangle and it will install the theme. The zip MUST be called ‘psc_theme.zip‘.


    Translating the homebrew is quite easy. you only need a notepad that reads unix text files and translate it. PSChannel will read lines, so you can use spaces as you want. to install the files, you need to put the Categories.txt and/or Lang.txt into the root folder of a usb and go into ‘info’ and press triangle. it will install all the files.
    • Improved stability
    • Added the ability to choose the pkg to be downloaded
    • Added the ability to install custom themes
    • Added the ability to install translations
    • Added USB Scan
    • Fixed some minor bugs..

    Finally, from Opium2k: I've updated the theme to be compatible with PS Channel 1.03, just make sure to install the official version first. It's been a while since I've done any themes or anything PS3 related so after seeing a screenshot of PS Channel's info screen and noticing the line that said "Theme Name: Original PSC Theme" I thought hmm... After a couple of days fumbling around in photoshop and trying to remember how to use EFL this is what I came up with (linked above).

    I hope you like it. Thanks to Deroad and Condor for creating .pkg files for me and Kakaroto for helping me remember how to use EFL.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    leira Guest
    Besides the cheap gold and red art style, this is a great project, just what I like! People used APT on Linux, or even App Store on Mac will love it.

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    Apr 2005

    PSChannel v1.10 PS3 Homebrew Store Updated, Language Support

    Following up on his previous updates, PlayStation 3 developer deroad (aka Wargio) has updated the PS3 homebrew store via PSChannel to version 1.10 adding language support followed by v1.11 with details below.

    Download: PSChannel v1.10 (All) / PSChannel v1.10 (Unsigned) / UP0001-PSCH00005_00-1750607262680468.pkg / PSChannel PKG with Edited SFO / PSChannel v1.11 (All) / PSChannel v1.11 (Unsigned) / PSChannel Source Code

    PSChannel v1.10 Changelog:
    • Fixed tons of bugs
    • Removed the "install theme feature" since no one makes themes for my homebrew
    • Info section moved to main menu and can be seen by pressing SQUARE
    • Added Lang support (EN, PT, SP, IT, FR, DE, RU, NL)
    • Added game update support with autodetection of games (NO homebrew support!! NO search mode, NO support for backups folders!!)
    • Changed some icons (new apps and game update)
    • Added support to https (thanks to PolarSSL)
    • To be clear, PSChannel will look only in the NP (not SP-INT or QA) environment. in the next update i will try to add SP-INT env for dex console (SP-INT gives me "404 + not allowed").

    PSChannel has nothing to do with SONY or any trademarks owned by sony.

    PSChannel will only search updates for NPxxxxxxx BLxxxxxxx BCxxxxxxx XCxxxxxxx ULxxxxxxx MRxxxxxxx APPID with the USER AGENT "Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 2.00)"

    How to change language:

    To change language just go to the main menu, press square, then triangle till you find your language. This is the order of the langs EN, PT, SP, IT, FR, DE, RU, NL

    Bug reports here: github.com/wargio/PSChannel/issues

    I want to thanks for:
    • Translations: a_titkov (RU), zecoxao (PT), vgturtle127 (EN, PT, SP, IT, FR, DE, NL)
    • 4.41 Rebug testing vapour
    • sandungas and Ada love lace for SFO infos
    • Kakaroto for EFL and gzorin for RSXGL and all the PSL1GHT devs

    NEVER press the PS button.. it will froze the PS3. It's a bug that i'm trying to solve, but it's not my fault. it's EFL fault

    PSChannel v1.11 Changelog:
    • Changed the PSChannel XMB location to avoid "xmb-e.dl.playstation.net/xmb/l?env=np&serv=PSChannel&cc=us" (now it's under games) - 1.05
    • Fixed HDD Size bug for all FW
    • Fixed abort bug
    • Fixed caching bug (now it loads immediately)
    • Fixed download bug
    • Fixed download limit bug
    • Fixed server serverside bugs
    • Fixed syscalls bugs (now all the fw will reboot)
    • Fixed exit bug
    • Fixed performance bug
    • Fixed copying performance bug
    • Fixed menu overflow bug
    • Fixed freeing memory bug
    • Code cleaned
    • Added performance patches
    • Changed loading code to do not overload the server
    • Added Lang support (now you can translate this)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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