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    PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.01 by RazorX is Now Available

    Following up on his previous release and PS3 TV Application, today PlayStation 3 developer RazorX returns with PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.01 followed by v1.02, v1.03 and v1.04 with details below.

    Download: 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01.PUP (201.06 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate CFW (201.11 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.00.PUP (Test Version - only tested on PS3 phat CECH-K03 PAL - NOR) / (New NTSC Wave tested on CECH-2001B via Joonie86) by flynhigh09 / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01-1.PUP (201.10 MB) / add_pkg_file.tcl by RazorX / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02.PUP (201.10 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02.PUP (Mirror) / System Manager (10.92 MB) / PS3Ultimate Manager v1.01.pkg (1.37 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02 Fix Installer.pkg (Fixes Video Streaming And Playback Only Use On v1.02 - 7.05 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.03.PUP (201.03 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.04.PUP (200.99 MB) / PS3Ultimate Manager (RCO FREE) v1.05.pkg (9.57 MB)

    4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01.PUP MD5: 8E584B8940BC2F14F04A9DCFDE2EFF17
    4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.00.PUP MD5: 13FE17D6EFC22E97F089833E7A0EE3A0
    4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01 CFW (New NTSC Wave): A1FD628FEC903BAE50509E16894FE3CB
    4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02 CFW MD5: B101AE7C474146B35BA66C89963F161D
    4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.03 CFW MD5: 8CD4BD40B212331945F4C3B5B77A75FC
    4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.04 CFW MD5: C612A8D39B159E9EC12C44E9A615793A

    To quote: 4.50 PS3Ultimate CFW v1.00

    Hey guys, here is a 4.50cfw i created for you to take a look at hope you like it. Play games up to 4.50.


    patched to allow running of unsigned applications
    patched to add reactpsn online/offline
    patched lv0
    patched lv1
    patched lv2 for peek&poke access
    patched to allow installation of pseudo-retail and debug packages
    patched spp verifier
    patched spu pkg rvk verifier
    patched spu token processor
    patched to allow installation of packages
    patched to enable screenshot for ps3, psp & minis
    added PS3Ultimate Manager to pup (install from install package files)
    renamed multiple xmb categories
    replaced startup message (warning & photosensitive epilepsy)
    patched all self/sprx to secure privacy (except
    replaced xmb wave
    cleaned up various categories
    replaced coldboot & sound
    patched registry for sorting games alphabetically
    changed default theme

    • Install from xmb or recovery menu
    • Need qa flagged ps3

    Tested on:
    • cechk03
    • cechl01

    Region Codes:
    • The region code for PAL = 51 52 43 43 00 08 79 80
    • The region code for NTSC = 51 52 43 46 00 00 01 10
    • The Rebug code = 51 52 43 43 00 08 9a e0 = possibly universal?

    • Fixed Issue With 2 "Install Package Files"
    • Changed Image Version To 99999
    • Added PS3Ultimate Manager v1.01 (Removes Lovefilm & Netflix Icons)

    • Fixed Issue With Video Streaming & Video Playback

    • Added PS3Ultimate Manager v1.01 Link Below (Removes Lovefilm & Netflix Icons)

    PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.01 by RazorX is Now Available

    PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.01 by RazorX is Now Available

    PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.01 by RazorX is Now Available

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    this looks interesting... does it play psp games? rogero had issues... with what button or combo can i take screenshoots?

    btw i got a very dumb question about react psn... in some cfw react psn is build in.. what does this mean? i don't need to install react psn?

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    afaik you take screenshot via xmb like very few games allow you to with ofw.

    you will need reactpsn for this and all new cfw.

    there was only one cfw with built in reactpsn drm, it was the best recent feature of cfw's. id love to know why the dev or other devs dont make a new cfw with 'built in reactpsn'

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    because it had bugs

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    waiting for rogero 4.50 cfw

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    can this be installed on a ps3 with OFW 4.50?

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    No. On OFW 3.55

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    thanks for sharing pal

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    thanks for share

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    I need this update cause the one I downloaded from the internet crashed when it was loading...

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