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Thread: PS3MFW - Kiosk2Retail without Downgrading for 3.55 and below

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    The Guest

    Post PS3MFW - Kiosk2Retail without Downgrading for 3.55 and below


    I joined a PS3 MFW firmeware modified by me, you can use it to convert a PS3 on "Demo / Kiosk Mode" to Retail Mode, you must apply it in Recovery Mode. It will put a vsh update, and definitely get out your ps3 from demo mode to retail.

    After that you have the choice to keep the FW on the PS3 and start your backups using the current managers, so the FW is functional.

    Or you can call in OFW 3.55 to recover a Waninkoko, rebug or kmeaw...

    The FW is in 3.55, patched with "promo-to-retail patch" which will allows you to install it on any PS3 Demo (3.55 and below).

    Download: PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL / PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL (Mirror #1) / PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL (Mirror #2) / PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL (Mirror #3) / PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL (Mirror #4) / PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL (Mirror #5) / PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL (Mirror #6)

    PS3MFW-KIOSK355.rar MD5: b6188d7aec984774fa351838b03ad2f4
    PS3UPDAT.PUP MD5: ae06ab182cf0e58a28b209827752a9f9

    NB: Patches present on the FW "LV1 HP, LV2 Kernel, Package Installer, Unsigned App Launcher, 2 Icones in XMB App_Home and Install Package Files and patch promo-to-retail".


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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for sharing The and +Rep... if some others can confirm this works fine I can promote it to the main page as well.

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    The Guest
    you are welcome

    as my english is poor, i made a mistake (3.55 and below) i mean (3.55 and lower)

    g day.

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    ZEO CMF Guest
    After searching all day for a method that didn't involve using a jailbroken device i came acrossed this and it worked beautifully! I didn't have to go through recovery mode either. i entered the security code and went to the update and it worked. I'm now running the newest retail firmware, tested games and blu-ray with no problems. Thank you very much The!

    Also it was a 3.01 demo.

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    LightningSmurf Guest


    OK, so I am a little confused on how to do this. I have downloaded the above file to a flash drive and I have gotten into the restore screen on my ps3. I see the following options...

    1. Restart System
    2. Restore Default Settings
    3. Restore File System
    4. Rebuild Database
    5. Restore PS3 System
    6. System Update

    I am not exactly sure what I need to do at this point. My system is a 3.21 demo. Sorry if this should be an obvious answer.

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    saviour07 Guest
    At that point you go to "6. System Update" and it should recognise the pup file on your USB flash drive

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    Rain00 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by The View Post
    Download PS3MFW355-KIOSK2RETAIL:
    dead link

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    Yea, unfortunately Sony actively reports most CFW files so by the time someone digs up an old thread they are already removed.

    You may want to grab PS3MFW Builder and look for an option in it to convert/patch a Demo to Retail PS3 console. It's not as convenient as a pre-made version, but until someone reuploads a patched PUP it's the next best thing I suppose.

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    Rain00 Guest
    does the other way work using a jail broken itouch? if so im still wondering how i "flash" the payload onto my itouch.

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    I was referring to the PS3MFW355 KIOSK2RETAIL PUP file actually, when you use the PS3MFW Builder to make your own on a PC from 3.55 OFW then you shouldn't need a payload to go from Demo to Retail.. just the resulting PUP file and your PS3.

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