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    Apr 2005
    I merged your post into this existing thread... by reading the last few pages you should be able to follow what to do fairly easily.

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    blackseedz Guest


    dead link help

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If it was a megaupload link it is down because the site has been taken down, I'm sure you can find plenty of mirror links all over the net.

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    Nabnab Guest
    Depositfiles (the first link works)


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    MaxStarr Guest
    Now, I find myself in an interesting predicament. It seems that this is only possible with 2.50 and higher, while I find myself with a machine that has 2.10, and thus no ability to access the recovery menu. I am having a bit of difficulty updating to a compatible version, as the current version that it wants me to update to is well beyond 3.55, as I am sure you can guess.

    I would like to see a way to fix this issue, and all I have found is this method, which is a bit out of date. At the same time, if I update, I am going to lose my other os feature. I have another system that has it on it already, and am willing to accept that as my computer, but this one needs some help. Any chance there have been some updates I have missed out on in this matter?

    Oh, I figured out what my problem was, my flash drive didn't have the PS3 folder, just the update. Thanks for the quick responses though

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    Arcaius83 Guest
    Hey, I've got a demo machine I'd love to flip over to retail, and this actually doesn't seem like it would be to hard to do.

    My only problem is, I recently had to retrieve it from my sister's boyfriend's house after he "borrowed" it for about three weeks, and the moron did a system update.

    So, my machine is now on v 4.11 I believe is what it is. Will the PUP file previously linked still work? Or am I going to need a newer PUP?

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    technodon Guest
    the only solution at the moment is to downgrade to 3.55 then covert to retail and update. 3.56+ has new firmware security checks so you will get a error if you try a modified pup

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    Arcaius83 Guest
    Please excuse my ignorance, but exactly how do I go about downgrading a demo machine?

    If a thread already exists, (which I'm pretty sure it does), a link will be sufficient.

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    technodon Guest
    the same way you would downgrade a retail console, you need a hardware nor flasher e3 or a progskeet type device

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    MayThaM Guest
    thanks bro

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