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Thread: PS3MFW - Kiosk2Retail without Downgrading for 3.55 and below

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    Assuming you are using a 3.55 or below PS3 and the file is in the right place on the USB drive, did you use a PC app like WinRAR to unRAR the PS3MFW-KIOSK355.rar file first so that the PS3UPDAT.PUP is what the PS3 will see on the stick?

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    Rain00 Guest
    formatted thumbdrive to fat32. extracted .rar to root of drive so that all that is on drive is the "PS3UPDATE.PUP" 170mb file. i have a 3.41 demo ps3.

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    Try this perhaps: PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Instructions: Create a folder on the storage media in which to save the update data. Using a PC, create a folder named “PS3” on the storage media or USB device. Within the PS3 folder, create a folder named "UPDATE".

    Download the update data and save it in the "UPDATE" folder created.

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    Rain00 Guest
    that did it.. thanks man. +rep

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    KerKid Guest
    does this definitely need to be done on Recovery Mode? Or can it be done through the system update on the xmb. I don't have my demo ps3 yet I am still waiting on fedex to deliver it. So this pup turns the demo into a retail with 3.55 OFW? or some kind of CFW? because it says in the first post:

    "NB: Patches present on the FW "LV1 HP, LV2 Kernel, Package Installer, Unsigned App Launcher, 2 Icones in XMB App_Home and Install Package Files and patch promo-to-retail".

    So is this pup file made from another CFW to have those features we all love and enjoy? If so what CFW was this pulled from? Or is it just speical for the demo ps3's?

    Really looking forward to doing this. I won't run into any problems updating it from 3.21 to 3.55? Thanks again.

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    It was made using PS3 OFW 3.55 and the PS3MFW Builder to patch it... basically the PUP is just the resulting (pre-patched) file to save users time.

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    ZeemanX Guest


    Very helpful thank you.

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    orroro Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZEO CMF View Post
    After searching all day for a method that didn't involve using a jailbroken device i came acrossed this and it worked beautifully! I didn't have to go through recovery mode either. i entered the security code and went to the update and it worked. I'm now running the newest retail firmware, tested games and blu-ray with no problems. Thank you very much The!

    Also it was a 3.01 demo.
    Do you still have the PS3 you updated and mentioned in your post? Did you try updating it since then using strictly retail firmware update? Were you able to go on PSN and download anything like demos? if so did they work?


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    gothicblood Guest
    ok, I'm new to this whole thing here and I do have a demo backwards compatible ps3 w/ a 160 gb hdd. Now, the version for it is 3.60 and I have to enter a code to unlock it which is 1739. If I was to turn it into a retail ps3, would I then be able to update it to the latest of 3.73 and will this updating mess everything up? I have no idea what would happen and this whole process is just way to daunting and intimidating but, I am willing to take the challenge and overlook the impossible here.

    I just need advice, a guide, help, etc. in order to do this because there is no unlock for the latest update and I also do not remember if I ever played any of the latest BD movies on it. I don't think I have but, I have read that the blu ray player gets messed up and it won't play at all and that's what I'm hesitant about because if that gets destroyed then I won't be able to play games either.

    I just want help to do this right and this is the place to go to. I like what is here and I'm glad that there is a way to make my demo unit into a retail so I can sign into the playstation network and download games, add ons, etc. which is cool. Thanks in advance for any help, advice, etc.

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    bdoogan Guest

    Lightbulb Need help with demo ps3


    I am very new to this and i am trying to get a little info and any help i can. I have a demo ps3 3.10 and i've been looking around and it seems there is a way to turn it into a retail version. I am trying to figure out step by step what i need to do. I also am wondering if it will be an actual real ps3 or a hacked one that i can not go on the PSN with, once i am able to convert it.

    I was able to download a file called PS3MFW-KIOSK355 that looks like it will change it over, but i placed that on a flash drive and tried to access it on the ps3 but it wont recognize it. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

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