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    Senior Member JeoWay's Avatar
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    At least someone knows not to waste their time creating CFW with this

    I mean, its a good program to learn a bit from, but as far as a good CFW goes, it can only go so far.

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    it's not even installing his own AC1D pup... lol

    great code to learn from though...

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    You can see if this 4.25 basic MFW install on 3.55 so far i have never tired the MFW 4.25 and ON XMB MANAGER you will have to find one, if you install also i don't know if it will DOWNGRADE or even install. It takes a lot of work and then would not install or even look at the file on 4.10.

    download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wl...3(4.24cfw).rar

    Install at your OWN RISK!!!

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    Wish I had a flasher and more knowledge to test mfw. I patched OFW 3.15 to MFW 3.15 for my 60gb phat with MFWbuilder a while back, but have been too scared to try and install it in case I couldn't revert back to my OFW without a flasher. (think i should be able to, but wont risk if not 100% sure)

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    you can revert back to ofw after jailbreak

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    By "after jailbreak", you mean after installing a 3.15 MFW? Currently i use my ipod to jailbreak my OFW 3.15 each time, and the idea of installing the MFW is so that i don't have to use that jailbreak method anymore and still keep my OtherOS.

    I assume then i could revert back down to lower OFW without a flasher for any higher MFW /CFW, but what method exactly? Just an update.pup on USB drive in Service Mode, or do i need a special downgrader pkg?

    Also, think i've read some about QA flagging in the past, but not sure when it's required. Even with all the reading i've done on here, you can see why i'm hesistant to try MFW upgrade... lol .. need to read or re-read a bunch more old posts to see what i can figure out for sure.

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    I am really digging this.

    That sucks now I need to break my blu ray drive LOL
    Last edited by warfan118; 07-01-2013 at 08:36 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    People should get to know more about this post

    btw im RedDot


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