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Thread: PS3MFW Builder v0.2 for PS3 Modified Firmware is Released

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    akimazaki Guest
    I dont know.. for normal way i suggest downgrade it back to 3.55.. and install 4.30cfw.. how you install that patch???

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    mullac998 Guest
    Patch if you mean by update then just a usb and i can't downgrade, dont have e3 plus i want to get it to install so everyone can have it

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    phuqt Guest
    I don't think we have the private keys for anything above 355

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    VSPROD Guest

    Add 4.20 aacs keys in 3.55

    Hi! I dont remember who, but somebody created a mfw 3.55 and he had added the 4.x aacs keys for the new blu ray movies.. If someone has a link or can create a tcl file for ps3mfw builder or know how to do this..

    Replacing the iso.self and self in the BDPLAYER folder by the 4.x one in the PS3 doesn't seem to work even if they are reencrypted in 3.55.. it give an error that doesn't exist. The New accs keys are updated in the 4.20 firmware.. thanks

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    Redouan14 Guest
    Cool news

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    xViiRuLz Guest

    PS3 4.31 MFWBuilder need help!

    HEY EVERYONE! noob question here but i'm on 4.31 kiosk on one of my ps3's, i know kiosk is stupid but i tried it out anyways, is there any working pkg files for it? Another question, on mfwbuilder it asks for modified firmware what do you put i that field if you already have the 4.31 ofw in the original firmware box.

    Please help quick i have tried everything... Thanks!

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    Ps3scener Guest

    Almost Done

    I have almost finished making a cfw for the ps3 using mfw builder 2.1 it has patched lv 1 and lv 2, and basically finished all tasks that you would need for a cfw however i have one error i will post progress pic and error pic anyone who can help me fix this would be a lifesaver. Dont ask me how i did this because i dont hack...

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    kaito kid Guest
    I have a lot of problems with it

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    JeoWay Guest
    PS3 MFW Builder is quite useless unless you need a SEX2CEX reverter. Otherwise its useless.

    Just to let users know: THIS WILL NOT BUILD AN INSTALLABLE PUP FOR OFW 3.56+ !!

    I just thought you guys should know that before you spend countless hours trying to do the impossible with a program that does basically nothing. All the real developing is within YOU! Not the program. Be creative. Create an original CFW for 3.55 without this program. Hey, you'll learn in the process

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    kaito kid Guest
    I agree this program will not help even for creating cfw to install on 3.55

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