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    xr3b0rn Guest
    its not unknown and you are using my old keys ! and yes i'm the one releasing this but put it up here now ... sorry for keeping you guys outdated about my private work ... now who is the leaker ?

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    DSwizzy145 Guest
    What are your new keys now?

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    Apr 2005

    Unofficial PS3 MFW Builder v0.2.3 Pre-Release by CFWProphet Arrives

    Following up on the previous update, today PlayStation 3 developer cfwprophet has shared a pre-release of what he calls Unofficial MFW Builder v0.2.3 followed by v0.3 with the changes below.

    Download: Unofficial MFW Builder v0.2.3 Pre-Release / Unofficial MFW Builder v0.2.3 Pre-Release (Mirror) / Unofficial MFW Builder v0.3 (Update) / PS3MFW CFW Pro Base TCL / PS3MFW CFW Pro Base TCL (02.10.2013) (works fine with emer_init.self) by haxxxen / PS3 MFW Script Updates by haz367 (via pastie.org/6081909) / lv0_patch.zip by zecoxao / lv0tool.rar (lv0tool compiled with cygwin by u$er) / PS3MFW 0.3.1 / scetool.exe (4.46) / keys (4.46) / Patches.zip by Smhabib and Naewhert / patch_lv2.tcl (Fixed) / lv2test.rar / patch_lv0.tcl / patch_lv2.tcl (via pastie.org/8370393) by haz367 / Unofficial MFW Builder v0.3 by toolboy2012 / zerofill_ldrs.rar / 666_990_spoof_version.tcl / 00dummies.rar / tasks.rar / category_game.xml by haz367 / hereyougomate!.rar (ps3mfw_base.tcl / patch_lv0(actual) - Copy.tcl) by RedDot-3ND7355 / scetool.exe / lv0.SELF (patching difference is the disabling of the scrambling and added descrambled lv1ldr) by Smhabib / ps3mfw_0.3.1-tasks_updated-450cfw.part1.rar / ps3mfw_0.3.1-tasks_updated-450cfw.part2.rar / ps3mfw_0.3.1-tasks_updated-450cfw.part3.rar / tasks.rar / tasks.rar (ECDSA lv0 checks simplified task) by haz367 / GIT

    Unofficial MFW Builder 0.2.3 pre release.

    I'm not done yet and need to unbrick my PS3 first before i can continue debugging the app. But this console is a problem console with a flash chip that won't let his self new written -.-

    So i want to put out the actual state of the update to get feadback. Don't install a generated pup of MFW Builder if you don't have a flasher and/or this release goes official puplic.

    What have been changed?:

    Unofficial 0.2.3 update 'cfwprpht'
    • Major Clean Up
    • Added support for 4.xx CFW
    • Added spkg tool's
    • Added new Keys to .ps3 folder
    • Added calculated private key's for 4.xx (scekrit keys - still needs disabled ECDSA check to work)
    • Added scetool to decrypt self's and to re-sign LV1, LV2, spu_pkg_rvk_verifier, they are now correctly rebuilded for 4.xx CFW
    • Merged and re-arranged tasks/commands to speed up patching process
    • Added Templat dir and templat icons for the segments in the homebrew category
    • Added templat.xml with 'AC1D CFW' pkg-mgr, homebrew and emulator segment
    • Added standalone '*Install Package Files' app to MFW
    • Added a command which will create a custom dir in dev_flash for us (to use for templat imgs or the standalone Install Packages app)
    • Updated Spoof task up to including 4.31
    • Removed standart FirmWare spoofing in case of you can use Jailbait patch and have the same result
    • Added a new Hombrew Category patch which will merge Network cat with PSN cat and use Network cat as HomeBrew cat if one of the 4 new segment patches are used
    • Merged ssl patches, nas_plugin and the nonretail patches to patch_vsh.tcl
    • Updated Jailbait patches and merged them with Patch_vsh.tcl to make it more specific and speed up patching process
    • Added patch_lv2_npdrm_ecdsa_check to the jailbait patches category
    • Added customize_mfw.tcl and merged cooldboot patches into it
    • Added patch_pup.tcl and merged broken bluray, broken bluetooth, change pup version, shop2retail and retail2shop to it
    • Added patch_cos.tcl and merged lv0, lv2, spu pkg rvk verifier and emer init patches to it to speed up patching process
    • Added patch-lv0-coreos-ecdsa-check: Patch to disable CoreOS ECDSA check in LV0 (needed for 4.xx CFW)
    • Added patch-lv1-remove-lv2-protection: Remove LV2 protection (needed for 4.xx CFW)
    • Added patch-lv2-payload-hermes-355: Patch to implement hermes LV2 payload with SC8 and /app_home/ redirection 3.55
    • Added patch-lv2-SC36-355: Patch to implement SysCall36 3.55
    • Added patch-lv2-peek-poke-4x: Patch to add Peek&Poke;system calls to LV2 4.xx
    • Added patch-lv2-lv1-peek-poke-4x: Patch to add LV1 Peek&Poke;system calls to LV2 4.xx (LV1 peek/poke patch necessary)
    • Added patch-lv2-npdrm-ecdsa-check: Jailbait - Patch to disable NPDRM ECDSA check 4.xx
    • Added patch-lv2-payload-hermes-4x: Patch to implement hermes LV2 payload SC8 /app_home/ redirection & embended app mount 4.xx
    • Added patch-lv2-SC36-4x: Patch to implement SysCall36 4.xx
    • Added patch-spkg-ecdsa-check: Patch to disable ECDSA check for spkg files (needed for 4.xx CFW)
    • Added patch-alpha-sort: Alphabetical sort Order for Games in the XMB
    • Added patch-rape-sfo: Rape the SFO Param's X0 (NeoGeo) and X4 (PCEngine) to use with the Homebrew category and custome segments
    • Added add-install-pkg: Add the standart Install Package Files Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
    • Added add-pkg-mgr: Add MFW PKG Manager Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
    • Added add-hb-seg: Add MFW HomeBrew Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
    • Added add-emu-seg: Add MFW Emulator Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
    • Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-debug-341: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.41 DEBUG
    • Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-debug-355: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.55 DEBUG
    • Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-341: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.41
    • Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-355: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.55
    • Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-4x: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 4.xx
    • Added customize-coldboot-health-screen: Change default coldboot Healthscreen
    • Added customize-xmb-wave: Change the default XMB wave
    • Added customize-game-boot-scelogo: Change default Gameboot scelogo
    • Added customize-game-boot-ps3logo: Change default Gameboot ps3logo
    • Added customize-trophy-sound: Change default Trophy sound
    • Added customize-system-error: Change default system error sound
    • Added customize-system-ok: Change default system ok sound
    • Added customize-cursor-click: Change default cursor click sound
    • Added customize-cursor-back: Change default cursor back sound
    • Added customize-embended-app: Change default embended app (* Install Package Files) to a custome one
    • Added customize-fw-version: Change default fw version in XMB
    • Fixed task Shop to retail, delating of promo_flags.txt was missing
    • Fixed task Change CoreOS file, just a few typo's
    • Fixed task Jailbait, just a few typo's again
    • Added version-suffix combobox to reduce string fields for FW version suffixes, Added -MFW, Promotial-to-Retail, Retail-to-Promotial, OtherOS++, AC1D
    • Added old/new * Install Package Files (rogero patch)
    • Corrected some old and new bugs
    • Greetz to euss, i fixed the self_rebuilder problem by adding scetool and a simply "if" command

    In related news today PsDev has released a Create_CFW_430 Bash Script with details below, as follows:

    With cfwprophet recent release mfwbuilder (version 0.2.3) I updated the create_cfw_355 bash script and added support for 4.xx CFW creation (4.30 in general). I like to name this create_cfw_430.sh (Original huh? lol) If you have any problems with this script, please feel free to contact me so I can correct the error/glitch (Contact: Twitter, RealPsDev)

    The script does the following:
    • Patches lv0 to disable CoreOS ECDSA Check in lv0.
    • Patches FW PKG Verifier to disable ECDSA Check for spkg files.
    • Disables searching for update packages in game disc.
    • Patch LV2 to add Peek&Poke system calls
    • Patch LV2 to add LV1 Peek&Poke system calls
    • (Jailbait) Patch LV2 to disable NPDRM ECDSA check
    • Patch LV2 to implement hermes payload SC8 /app_home/ redirection & embended app mount
    • Patch LV2 to implement SysCall36 4.xx
    • Peek/poke support (unused lv1 calls 182 and 183)
    • Remove LV2 protection
      Disables integrity check in System Manager
    • Patch CoreOS Hash check. Product mode always on
    • Adds the standard Install Package Files Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
    • Patches install package files back in to xbb (4.30+)
    • Add MFW HomeBrew Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
    • Add "/app_home" icon to the XMB Game Category
    • Rename /app_home/PS3_GAME/ to Discless
    • Alphabetical sort Order for Games in the XMB
    • Pathces the SFO Param's X0 (NeoGeo) and X4 (PCEngine) to use with the Homebrew category and costume segments
    • Patch to allow installation of pseudo-retail packages
    • Patch to allow installation of debug packages
    • (Jailbait) Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Please take note this does require version 0.2.3 of mfwbuilder.

    From eussnl: Windows oneliner:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    About Unofficial MFW Builder v0.3:

    Public release... copy the content of the .rar into the templat dir of mfw builder

    Changelog v0.3 Unofficial:

    Finally I decided to give that unofficial release the version v0.3 in case of the massive changes to MFW Builder. We have now 4.xx FW support and therefore I added a lot of new things and apps's, like new_pkg which also generate a spkg matching with the input pkg. I removed self_rebuilder and added scetool to decrypt SELF's and to rebuild the SELF's.

    For the last option I coded my own routine which checks the input SELF and sets up the correct variables to use with scetool. Then we have a new script to auto generate predefined MFW/CFW-'s like the public released one's. To make MFW Builder a bit more secure for the avarage end user I added a SHA1 checksum test on the input PUP which can also be disabled per option for the more advanced user.

    And dev's which maybe plan to release there next CFW via script for MFW Builder can enable a hidden option in the file 'mfw' to add a new SHA1 checksum of the input PUP to the db.xml. So they also can use there old CFW as input and only apply the new changes to it. So dev's don't need to share copyright protected stuff and the end user don't need to download a 200MB file every time or for every CFW and/or store more then 1 OFW on his PC.

    And that's even not all what is new. I will continue working on MFW to make it an even more useful tool then it already is right now. Big THX to git-hacks.com and Anonymous Developers (Code Monkeys) for this great tool. Please note that the download below is not the entire app but rather just the files necessary to update MFW builder.

    Haxxxen has made available (linked above) a PS3MFW CFW Pro Base TCL stating the following:

    I have enabled input of new hash checks based on your own folders, so you can put the pup in any folder. i have nothing else changed, so it is still cfwprophets's work.

    I would recommend deleting db.xml and let the app create itself a new one with your own pup locations. you have to choose disable pup hash check option. I will take another look on tasks later on, as i am not very self confident at the moment.

    PS3MFW Builder 0.2.1 SPKG Modification

    Download: _ps3mfw_mod.7z

    Still alive, but not kickin a little late, but here is something, which might find a few useful... with all the problems I had with the v0.3 release, I have made a little mod to the original ps3mfw builder v0.2.1, to include the patching of 3.56+ spkg header files, to correct the checksums of the tar/pkg files inside a PUP.

    I only have included the patches made by cfwprpht in his release, so credits go to him.. with this you can at least replace (no direct patching/resigning!) devflash/coreos files in any 4.x cfw without loosing the ability to be installed over any other 4.x CFW. for example you can replace Rebug devflash files, like modded rcos, in the PUP directly and it still will work like the original. no more MOD packages or devblind writes needed, which have to be done after the CFW firmware installation.

    Use it at your own risk and I only have tried it with a 4.21.2 REBUG REX PUP and no warranty for Rogero's. It includes the spkg tools and the keys given by cfwprpht. just replace the files in the ps3mfw builder v0.2.1 folder.. and to properly resign 4.x devflash/coreos files manually, you have to use the template option in scetool

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Credits to aldostools for the hint.

    I have patched and resigned the basic_plugins.sprx for both REX versions, to bypass rsod just incase. It is based on rogero's rsod bypass patch on 4.40/4.41. I would suggest to replace them with the ps3mfw builder mod and make an installable pup from it.

    Download: no_rsod.zip

    Note: purpose to this is, being able to use the 999 downgrader from xmb instead of hardware flashing, if it is not fixable with reinstallation. i was only able to use the 999 downgrader with the toggle recovery mode option from toolbox.

    And by the way, this patch is way better than the no_rsod patch in the notheros pup. it gives no disadvantages regarding trophies/saves and i am using it now as default. all games i have, run perfectly with it. (but maybe the problems with notheros have been with the otheros++ patches, dunno)

    From haz367:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Update: PS3MFW v0.3.1 + 4.xx Tasks by RedDot-3ND7355 & B7U3 C50SS, to quote: OFFICIAL by RedDot-3ND7355 & B7U3 C50SS

    Finally we had fixed and got MFW Builder 0.3 to work and made 0.3.1

    Enjoy this fix and you can add our tasks from our git (gitorious.ps3dev.net/mfw-tasks-custom) Or even your owns...

    PS3MFW 0.3.1 MFW Tasks (Custom)

    Here are our own MFW Tasks hand made! took patterns from the 4.xx features in mfw builder v3 pre-release! If any tasks dosen't work plz report back! And if your a programer that is good in this like Glevand then plz join us!

    Thanks and Enjoy!

    From Smhabib: Here you go reddot, the patches (linked above) are based on v1.00. i changed the following files in v2.05:

    1. vsh.self(reactpsn offline)
    2. basic_plugins.sprx(rsod bypass)
    3. upl.xml(no bt/bd patch)
    4. default.spp(profile patch .needed for otheros)
    5. lv1.self(otheros patches)

    To edit:

    1. lv2_kerneel.self(peek/poke)
    2. lv1(coreos hash check ,lv2 protection remove,otheros,)
    3. lv0(disable ecdsa checks of coreos)
    4. spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self(allow updating over any 4.xx cfw .ecdsa checks disable)
    5. spu_token_processor.self(allow qa flagging on 4.xx,disable ecdsa)
    6. spp_verifier.self(disable ecdsa.fw pkg verifying disable)
    7. and the other 3 files in dev_flash enables ipf and app_home)

    Finally, from haz367: Nothing major, i never done this so to get this patch working i'm feeling pro, can i join? zecoxao is claiming we never see a 4.xx mfw builder, how come?

    only the "lv0" is a little problem atm, can't they make a task/tlc for that using ur lv0 package and adpt those batch files into a "lv0_task" then all the rest is easy modified? just guessing u know me....

    Download: fixed patch_lv2

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: lv2test.rar

    From pastie.org/8255987:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From toolboy2012: Ok all, I've updated my GitRepo (fork from the cfwpropht master), with my latest stuff....it's NOT NOT yet complete, as still the LV2 patches need to be finished, some are still outdated/broken!! Again, this is NOT YET fully functional, but it's almost there.

    1) you will see I set it up to unpack/extract LV0 (using the lv0tool) as part of the initial PUP unpack procedure...makes more sense to do it that way....then when all 'tasks' are done, and the PUP is ready to be rebuilt, the LV0 is then re-imported, resigned etc...

    2) I made major changes to the "patch_cos.tcl" to break out the core OS changes into LV0, LV1, and LV2 sections...makes it easier to follow...

    3) I tried to organize the core_os patches better by pre-pending their display names with "[4.xx]" and "[3.xx]"....in my opinion, the "core OS" patches should be ALL patches that are necessary for the minimum modified firmware to work, ie ECDSA checks disabled, peek/poke support, etc....so that's how I organized it so far...

    4) the initial "LV0" unpacking/extraction (and final LV0 importing) is based on the initial PUP version....3.60 and above have the new LV0, so the extraction/importing is done based on initial PUP version...

    5) the lv0tool crashes when trying to extract the LV0 for firmware 3.60, i'm guessing the loaders in that version are NOT crypted, and maybe different as well?

    6) need to finish adding the rest of the "self/auth ID" types into the ps3mfw_base, for the SCETOOL/makeself routine..I will finish this soon...

    So there's much more to do, but it's at least much cleaned up, and getting closer! this is where my repo is (linked above) currently... (still learning GitHub, as I'm a newb to that tool, I'm familiar with SVN!)

    From RazorX: hey guys i noticed you had one of my tcls in the not working folder but that tcl file (add_pkg_file.tcl) does work it just requires u to have the OFW-MOD.PUP which is basically an official pup with the /dev_flash/PS3Ultimate/Packages folder added to it aswell as install package files and app_home but thats it.

    Here's the OFW-MOD.PUP for you to take a look at but i never got round to testing it by installing it on a ps3 since i dont have a flasher this is fw 3.55 btw.

    Also here is the tcl file add_pkg_file.tcl. Also i have tested jailbait.tcl on multiple occasions and it never let me actually finish building a pup file so here is a modified one i did, i have added the 4.46 info to it and set it up so you can also use it to replace CA24 and CA27.

    And here is a tcl file (rename_category.tcl) i wrote a while ago which allows you to rename settings, photo, music, video, game, friends, users, login & tv categories (English Only) to whatever you want but it wont enable the tv category i figured id leave that out since a tcl file for enabling it already exists. Enjoy..

    Hey guys forgot to mention you also need to add (via pastebin.com/nN67wuJH):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To your ps3mfw_base.tcl thanks, also could you tell me why this is happening when i try to use your version:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I've found where the issue lies the command doesnt have a fallback so if it doesnt find spkg_hdr like if u use a 3.55 update it fails.

    ok i've updated jailbait and added the ability to add a suffix to the version.txt in the root of the update ive done this because rather than keep adding a crap load of tcls to ps3mfw i figure why not try to cut down on some of them by adding some of the functions from the old tcls onto new ones then ur not gonna end up with an app were you gotta go through hundreds of options just to make a cfw.

    Here's the link for you to test: jailbait.tcl

    I've tried this on ur app with a 4.46 update but get this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I don't have any experience with making 4.xx cfw so if you can help me fix this where it works for both 3.55 and 4.xx that would be great thx

    Update: ok here's my latest tcls: tasks.rar

    I've updated add_pkg_file.tcl so it doesnt require OFW-MOD.PUP u can use any pup i tested it on 3.55 OFW and 4.46 OFW (not on ps3) and what it will do is create /dev_flash/PS3Ultimate/Packages and add upto 5 pkgs in it it will also add "Install Package Files" and "app_home" and set it up so "Install Package Files" will allow you to install the pkgs from /dev_flash/PS3Ultimate/Packages so you dont have to do anything.

    I've also updated rename_category.tcl so now it works with renaming "Network" ive also added "TV/Video Services" to it aswell for 4.xx fw however a quick note, whenever renaming "Network" it will also rename "PlayStation network" for example if i rename "Network" to "TEST" i will also get "PlayStation test"

    i have also created a tcl that will allow u to alter a pkg location in "Install Package Files" on CFW so if you have ur own custom location you want to use for example "/dev_hdd0/PKGS" and you dont have a backwards compatible ps3 then simply using my tcl change "host_provider_ms" to something like "host_provider_custom" and add "/dev_hdd0/PKGS" to Custom Path i've also updated a few others.

    Enjoy.. I personally will never use usb003 to usb007 and host_provider_ms because i dont have a backwards compatible ps3 therefore i only have 2 usb slots and no ms slot so this is great for making your own custom firmware if it all works perfectly but like i said i cant test them without risking bricking my only ps3.

    I've updated rename_category to include renaming /app_home/PS3_GAME/ here: rename_category.tcl

    You can rename it to whatever you want for example you can rename it to: Launch Game Discless

    Ok there is an issue with the patterns i believe because following the exact instructions i manually decrypted the vsh.self from habibs 5.50 cfw and altered the patterens it says alter then i encrypted the altered vsh.elf the exact way it said and sent it to my ps3 and all i get after reboot is a black screen so will need the correct patterns (below):

    The replace_vsh_file does exactly what you would expect it allows you to replace the vsh.self file in a pup i created this in about 30secs lol but have tested it and it does replace the file.

    From RedDot-3ND7355 (via pastebin.com/dRACEKyA):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From RedDot-3ND7355 (via pastebin.com/7Gjj5Ugc):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    castman Guest
    somehow I was really missing this

  5. #55
    phuqt Guest
    How did you calculate private keys?

  6. #56
    mullac998 Guest

    4.31 CFW help

    Hi i have the keys for mfw builder and i have manage to patch the lv1 and lv2_kernel.self but when i install it on my ps3 i get a error

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    akimazaki Guest
    What firmware you use now??

  8. #58
    mullac998 Guest
    4.31 ofw

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    akimazaki Guest
    I think best way is downgrade to 3.55

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    mullac998 Guest
    but i got all the 4.31 keys why wont it install even tho i patch lv1.self and lv2_kernel.self

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