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    mullac998 Guest
    Hi guys remember these keys were leaked of a private site so give me a chance the reason you still get the error is because all the keys are not there for lv1.self maybe they were fake but we don't know until we got the rest of the keys.

    i am trying my hardest to get you guys cfw for 4.25 for the guys that don't want to update. for the people on 4.30 e3 is meant to be working on cfw that will install on 4.30 ofw

    thanks you guys for reading this !

  2. #42
    aldostools Guest
    these 4.25 appldr keys are fake

  3. #43
    mullac998 Guest

    4.30 public keys and Sony signature algorithm = ECDSA

    Here is Sony 4.30 public keys and Sony signature algorithm = ECDSA which i found in the dev flash i will be posting proof in this thread.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    signature algorithm = ECDSA = sha1RSA

    proof pics below

  4. #44
    naruto977 Guest
    Some of these keys work but the debug pkg and lv1 don't work

    I don't know if this key works but this might be real here's a 4.30 key

    [erk=CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E063 0CB9AB2D215865878A]
    [pub=A8FD6DB24532D094EFA08CB41C9A72287D905C6B27B42B E4AB925AAF4AFFF34D

  5. #45
    pinoytechno Guest
    could anyone make a cfw 4.25, i have a legit console ofw 4.25

  6. #46
    naruto977 Guest
    I have a ps3 4.25 OFW also and I made a 4.25 CFW but when trying to install in recovery menu it says that I already have 4.25 OFW.

  7. #47
    harryjo20 Guest
    ps3mfw.log missing?

  8. #48
    TitanTX Guest
    naruto977, you need to be on 3.55 CFW/OFW in order to install 4.25 CFW, anything above 3.55 won't be recognized the PS3. You would need to downgrade and then dehash and the upgrade to 4.25 CFW. This is the only way possible right now.

  9. #49
    Quaterious Guest
    so since i'm on v 4.21 i'd have to downgrade first before i can actually jailbreak?

  10. #50
    bitsbubba Guest
    Quarterious yes

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