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  1. #51
    Jes03 Guest
    Anyone that's installed any CFW made in this can you give us your opinion.

    1. How does it run?
    2. Is it like kmeaw?
    3. Is it like Waninkoko?
    4. How stable is it?
    5. Does everything still work?
    6. Do you need lv2 and does it work? for asbestOS

  2. #52
    kakarotoks Guest
    1 - using the ps3? I don't get the question smooth? nice?
    2 - the default options, yes pretty much, lv1+lv2 patches are similar to the ones in kmeaw.
    3 - no, it doesn't include any payload in the kernel, there's only peek&poke option available for lv2
    4 - developed for 5 weeks, including 3 weeks of design+code+unit testing, 1 week of integration testing and sanity checks, 2 weeks of actual testing, all hardware models tested, with 3.15, 3.41 and 3.55, over 100 combinations tested, and because of the sanity checking that was done, actual testing resulted in zero bricks.
    5 - as far as I know, yes, like I said, lv1 and lv2 patches are just like kmeaw's
    6 - if you enable the lv2 patching task, then lv2.pkg would work, same for asbestos, if you disable it, it won't. and no, it's not like waninkoko, so it doesn't have the payloads in it.

    But from what I heard, lv2.pkg isn't even necessary anymore for backup managers since gaia+multiman already do the lv2 patching themselves if peek&poke are available.

    Hope that answers your questions..


  3. #53
    Jes03 Guest
    Yep, thanks kakarotoks. The problem with multiman now is the lv2 patching was just removed so it now needs lv2.

    And the difference between Waninkoko and Kmeaw for me is Kmeaw is more stable, less lockups but less compatibility. In Waninkoko I run everything from 3.41 but in Kmeaw not many work. Open Manager 2.1G and 2.1Iv2 no longer work signed or unsigned. They were the 2 I used so I had to change to multiman and now as lv2 isn't included I have to stay with an older version.

    If 3.41 homebrew works in this cfw's I might just give it a try later tonight. I've already made 2 and still install one and see how it goes.

    oh, Q1 was is it stable like Kmeaw or unstable like Waninkoko? I guess its stable.

  4. #54
    monstermm Guest
    So if i download 3.55 CFW ZEROMX.rar, Do i simply just extract it to flash://PS3/UPDATE/

    then head over to my ps3 and update my firmware from a storage device?

    i've tried this and its saying my ps3 already has the latest firmware, no need to update. what am i missing? im on stock 3.55

  5. #55
    ro2 Guest
    Working fine on my 60 gig pal ps3 . no brick!

  6. #56
    zeromx Guest
    monstermm - Try via Recovery Menu... OMG! Enough already with this crap!... Lets get a few things clarified....

    1. I made that CFW as an EXAMPLE with the default settings, so all those users who could not get PS3MFW installed could give it a try and take it from there....

    2. This was NEVER meant to be an alternative CFW or one of those so called million CFW... and i only intended users of ps3news to use it and not outside source...

    3. I only released it here on ps3news and never intended it to make headlines....


    In my defence, i honestly done it help the community but i was wrong and never again!

  7. #57
    kkkdav Guest
    PS3 CFW & MFW only for 3.55 or we make cfw 3.41 with this ?

  8. #58
    zeromx Guest
    You can make CFW from version 3.10 – 3.55 using PS3MFW.

  9. #59
    severusx Guest
    Has anyone tested Bluray playback with MFW? I have packed my own, but am hesitant to install it for fear that I will loose BD Playback. I have a Slim running 3.41 Hermes CFW. My MFW is based on OFW 3.41 with Patch LV1 HV and Patch LV2 Kernel enabled.

  10. #60
    Jack Straw Guest
    I've only experienced the loss of BD playback when downgrading, and not on a slim, only fat. I don't think people are losing blu ray playback when flashing CFW or MFW of the same current FW level.

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