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Thread: PS3MFW Builder v0.1 - PS3 Modified Firmware Builder Arrives

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    ^ It won't work.

    Use the SSL Certifcate hack to log into PSN.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah that just has the cert already copied, the rest of the tutorial still applies.

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    Jomomma76 Guest
    Installed flawlessly on launch model Phat console! After installing the version for windows, the ps3keys folder will be in C: Documents and Settings: Owner folder, it will be right beside the ps3MFW folder. I added the header and copied the keys from the free ps3keys folder into the root of the ps3keys folder mentioned earlier.

    After it makes the PUP file, I updated back to OFW 3.55 in recovery, then MFW in recovery. Easy as that! I also installed mednafen for 3.55 and it installed fine. Props to the developers behind this, seems like this will be the way to go!

    Haven't checked to see if the Blu Ray player works, I have a Blu Ray player for that, but I will check. Wondering if we could leave the lv. 2 peek and poke disabled and just run the lv. 2 patch when we want lv 2? That should still give the peeps the option to still watch blu rays...

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    KrisFluke Guest
    People, don't you think Sony would be smarter than to just look at a value on a screen to see what firmware you're using? That's why you have to use the certificate hack to get on PSN.

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    Xalies Guest
    Well they did miss it 3.55 so it did take them awhile.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    well not likely since they've "missed" it for every update so far. More than likely it's an infrastructure issue on the PSN side. No one knows for sure why the DNS trick always works for a few days after an update but I guarantee it wasn't a mistake.

    I wouldn't imagine this hole will stay open for more than a few days either.

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    863dj Guest
    what does this do that CFW doesnt already? does this mean i can finally get linux back on my ps3?

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    zeromx Guest
    Windows 7 (x64) Tutorial -

    - Open CMD (Command Prompt) and run "mkdir .ps3" and this should create a folder called ".ps3" in your USERS folder. Has to be done via CMD cannot be done through explorer. (example; C:\Users\JohnSmith\.ps3)

    - Create a folder called "ps3keys" in your USERS folder and download ps3keys.rar attachment from this post and extract all the files into that folder (example; C:\Users\JohnSmith\ps3keys)

    - Now download PS3MFW_0.1-win.rar from this post attachment and run PS3MFW Builder.exe and thats it. you should be ready to go!

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    Preceptor Guest
    There is no need to create a .ps3 folder, since the keys in the windows version goes inside the ps3keys folder, as you stated below.

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    Merlena Guest
    Thank you mkdir command ftw; make junctions and so on. +1

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