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  1. #21
    SHAKCEYA Guest
    I have win7 it gives me FATAL ERROR: Could not rebuild file lv1.self.self : child process exited abnormally

  2. #22
    Jes03 Guest
    Go back through the pages and install the ps3keys in the proper directory.

    I've been reading and no-one has commented in actually installing it yet. I don't want to be a guinea pig so I'm waiting for a few successful others first.

    Another thought, can we edit current MFWs? Example, if I want to remove the PSN from movies and games from kmeaws mfw?

  3. #23
    Osirisx Guest
    very useful app, but do we know when support for 3.56 will available?

  4. #24
    SHAKCEYA Guest
    ok it worked, i will install it and till the result.

  5. #25
    TSX1 Guest
    Thanks. +Rep

    Is there any chance that in some future version we might be able to add "Other OS" feature to newer FW versions than 3.15?

  6. #26
    Jes03 Guest
    I'm wondering why devs don't compare firmwares and see the difference and replace it? EG: compare OFW 3.15 and 3.21 and see whats removed and replace it back in.

    There will be a setting in the settings xmb for OtherOS and some behind the scenes settings for bootup but it shouldn't be too hard. Compare 3.15 and 3.21 (Is that the next one?) as all they did was remove OtherOS so there is only 1 thing missing in 3.21. Find that, and make it into a PKG so it can go into any firmware...

    Other than that I doubt it. There is Linux for PS3 via AsbestOS and it works and about as fast as OtherOS Linux so its just about as good.

  7. #27
    SHAKCEYA Guest
    ok i updated from xmb it didn't brick multiman and rogero working fine.

  8. #28
    proskopina Guest
    thanks devs for the great tool!! worked for me!!!

  9. #29
    madmax69 Guest
    Great tool now gives people the choice to modify there own firmwares to meet there needs. The biggest choice they have now is run MFW 3.55, or 3.56 OFW to have PSN access.

    A whole new direction for the scene looking forward to seeing were it leads us. much respect to the MFW team , first of many exciting releases i suspect.

  10. #30
    Xalies Guest
    Would setting the PUP version string to 3.56 help in anyway to access PSN or is this kinda spoofing fixed.

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