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    Confirmed. Builder works perfect in building what you want, now i have a modified pup... Now the scary part of installing this... Hope all goes well.. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkcast View Post
    The windows version is corrupt ! i download it more then 19 times and it always is corrupted!!
    worked fine for me...

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    installing mine right now on PHAT launch 60g...

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    This is not a good idea to rls this tool. I can see the first post. My PS3 is bricked help or CFW 3.56 "Fakes". We will see

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    With this tool you no longer need to download other people's .pup files (such as fake 3.56 .pup) because you can simply make your own .pup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBoxMods View Post
    in the parent directory that ps3mfw installed to, there will be a "ps3keys" directory. the keys go in there. as for the tools... well, there is a tools folder within the ps3mfw directory, but it already has the tools in it on a windows installed version.
    There is no PS3KEYS directory anywhere, so where do they go?

    I have a ps3mfw dir, does the ps3keys dir go in that or next to that?


    I've tried it both ways and still gives me the same error.

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    it is like:


    the ps3keys folder is beside the ps3mfw folder, NOT in it. all the key files go directly inside the ps3keys folder.

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    I deleted it, reinstalled it and this time a ps3keys dir turned up.

    thx, it looks like it's working now.

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    Say, we build a CFW with version number 3.56, would that let us in on PSN?

    I'm not saying use OFW 3.56, but 3.55 renamed/re"versioned" to 3.56.

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    Anyone game enough to install it? I've yet to hear anyone install their own MFW.

    It's worked, I now have my own MFW but not sure if I should install it?

    I went from Waninkoko to kmeaw as its more stable and it also runs linux so how would this differ? Would lv2 still run so I can run linux and will homebrew apps that ran in Waninkoko run again in this as they refuse to run in kmeaw?

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