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Thread: PS3MFW Builder v0.1 - PS3 Modified Firmware Builder Arrives

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    severusx Guest
    Im actually able to write to dev_bling using the multiman FTP, thanks though. whomps, you have been moving links to games and stuff into it? Or the links to the utilities like Game Data and stuff?

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    carmil Guest
    Got the same issue with the impossibility yo use dev_blind and anything else involved with write permission on flash (tried all pkg available) probably due to some mess.

    I reinstalled Kmeaw on Kmeaw in recovery mode after no bootup of PS3 nothing lost of course but this was one of the issues. Today after installation of Multiman 1.16.05 or some other miracle I am not able to explain everything went back fine, dev_blind mounted again and push_cert (for example) working...

    Thanks to the PS3 saint...

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