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    PS3 won't network with PC on Kmeaw CFW

    Ps3 was 3.41, jbed, worked fine following this guide:

    i use blackbox 1.2, i am using a crossover cable.

    updated to 3.55 through official, put 3.55-Kmeaw.. loaded multiman 1.16.8 or whatever the newest on is... i have blackbox on there and it shows ip... a DNS Error pops up 80710102

    When i use filezilla. it connect but when i try to transfer it, idles out...

    any help would be great.

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    try using multiman ftp instead of blackbox... Also i had the same problem with filezilla so i switched over to flash fxp and it works like a charm..!! Hope that helps.

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    i got it to communicate its all good, thank you.

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