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    trashchris Guest

    ps3 slim Kmeaw CFW issues?

    guys just wondering, is there any known issues installing Kmeaw CFW on a slim? any models that cant be used etc. i been running it on my fats for a while but my mate wants me to install it on his.

  2. #2
    hobbs Guest
    nope no known issues man my buddy has it on his slim n plenty others do kmeaw has no bad reports on slims are fats.

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    Jianwei Guest
    I have slim one, 120GB. nothing bad about it , and it's working great on 3.55 KMEAW with MM.

  4. #4
    severusx Guest
    There are no issues with it. I have a Slim 120 (with a 500 GB drive now) and it runs fine. I have also installed Slim 80 and a Fat 60 without any issues. Just remember, Kmeaw does not have a BD Emulator payload built in, so you will need to add one. If you are using MulitMan, simply download the BDEMU.PKG attached to its thread and install that.

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    trashchris Guest
    i had it running on more than one fat, installed on slim tonight. no issues.

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