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Thread: PS3 Rebug One CFW Arch Custom Firmware is Now Available

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    PS3 Rebug One CFW Arch Custom Firmware is Now Available

    Today French developers Dev-Team-SPT / ARCH have made available what appears to be an unofficial version of Rebug PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware dubbed Rebug One CFW Arch which includes the same features along with some modifications of their own added followed by a stability fix.

    Download: PS3 Rebug One CFW Arch Custom Firmware / PS3 Rebug One CFW Arch Custom Firmware (PS1 CD Game Stability Fix)

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all, here's a version for those who love the team Rebug CFW. This version has the same features but with some additions to the story knowing that the Rebug team will now slow down on the stage since the PS3 launched in the XBox scene.

    Additions CFW Rebug_One ARCH:
    • Category "the homebrew channel" with package manager
    • Pre-patch Remote_Play
    • Patch Cinavia
    • Dynamic theme Rebug_One
    • Dragon Coldboot image / sound => Transformers
    • Compatible menu QA_Flag
    • Compatibility Thurs PSX (PS1)
    • Patched NO_Check

    • Download and unzip the CFW ARCH Rebug_One archive (above)
    • Copy / paste the file "PS3" and package "Update_Package_0.6.pkg" provided in the archive file on a USB drive formatted as fat32.
    • Turn on your PS3 and make sure there are no RO Thurs DVD in your drive, then connect the USB to the console.
    • Go to the Settings menu then system update => Update via Storage Media => then follow the instructions on the screen.
    • After installing the update, go in the "GAME" or "the homebrew channel" menu of the console then "package manager => Install_package_files => Standard rental package and install the package" Update_Package_0.6.pkg "(just put it on and do X)
    • In the "GAME" menu PS3, you should see the icon for the package "Update_Package_0.6.pkg" newly installed, launched, wait, then make ROUND as you will be asked once the operation finished.

    Tutorial to Activate the DEX (Debug) Menus:
    • To enjoy the menu option 1 or 2 DEX (debug) in the PS3 XMB menu, go to "GAME" or "The Homebrew Channel" then "Package Manager / install package files / PS3 hard disc and install" Rebug selector v1.6"
    • Start Rebug-selector v1.6 via the category GAME PS3 menu and choose from the options offered.

    Details of options available:

    Mode Select: Press L1 + X => menu allows you to choose Normal or Rebug

    Select XMB:
    • Accessible only by Rebug Mode
    • Press R1 + X to switch from Normal to XMB XMB menu or Debug

    Memu Select Debug:
    • You can choose Debug Settings menu or CEX (Retail) or DEX (Debug) firmware.
    • Press R2 + X to switch to MENU 1 or MENU 2

    Dev-Team-SPT / ARCH

    [imglink=|PS3 Rebug One CFW Arch Custom Firmware is Now Available][/imglink]
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    kloops Guest
    First.. thanks for the news.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Compatibility Thurs PSX (PS1)
    What does that mean?

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    NTA Guest
    I had the same question lol.

    It is a rough translation

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Tempted to install it if it means it can play psx backups without a manager, the other stuff doesn't really appeal to me.

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    elBenyo Guest
    It doesn't output code any differently than Rebug does normally? I'll stick with my Mm that launches ISO's. Good work guys, +Rep for effort.

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    HAVOK7 Guest
    will it play the new games? No? then no thanks i am more than happy with Kmeaw

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    racer0018 Guest
    I will try this. I have rebug install on a number ps3s so it will be nice to see what someone else does.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Nice one racer0018, after testing can you let us know whats new or cool that cant already be added with a PS3MFW tcl- looks like Homebrew channel and this Thurs PSX thing are completely new additions apart from the theme. The rebug features are definitely cool.

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    maaz1 Guest
    will it work on 4.0 ?

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