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    Jan 2010
    I have a question about MultiMAN Stealth Version... i need install SEN Enabler & Disabler ?? i have CFW 3.55

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    Multiman Stealth still figuring its name while signed in to PSN, I can see that with my other console signed in to PSN with other account. it means MM Stealth doesn't work to stealth its appearance while online. so guys be careful.

    tested with my CECHL04 CFW Rogero 4.30 V2.00

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    Hello everyone, first of all thank you for sharing this CFW works very well.

    For installation, it is exactly the same method to install CFW 4.30 Rogero v1.04 by example.

    > krake > nothing to do with SEN Enabler / Disabler is a version of Multiman one that uses a different ID so that we are not all the same

    when connecting to PSN Sony sees it as less BLES80608 Connected therefore less risk banishment.

    Sorry for my english but I'm french and I try to communicate with you ^ ^

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    Nov 2010
    actually multiman has bles80608 (some rubbish game's id) id already long time. I don't see what is the special in stealth version.

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    hi guys,

    this MultiMAN Stealth work with rogero 4.30 v 2.00 ???

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    Yes, but as you can read it ain't that stealth

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    sorg => precisely identifying the version which uses Stealth is not BLES80608 but NPJA90067 is a Japanese game show.

    mohammad890 => yes

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    This CFW ARCH have a problem. When you cross over icons on XMB the icons, any icons dont have LEGEND (text) example Trophy ICON was there but dont have text say TROPHY or what ever you want like INSTALL APP don't have the LEGEND saying INSTALL APP just ICONs but not LEGEND.

    Now to E3 4.30CFW more instable, more like. Sorry my bad english, my official language is Portuguese.

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    can you use for 4.31?

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