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    PS3 Rebug 3.55 & 3.41 Stealth Custom Firmware Versions Arrive

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    PS3 hacker blazie151 has made available PS3 Rebug 3.55 and 3.41 Stealth Custom Firmware versions for PlayStation 3 CFW users, which has been rumored to be the initial cause of the recent PSN outage.

    Download: Rebug 3.55 v1 with CA24.cer and Stealthed Rebug Selector / Rebug 3.41 v2 with CA24 and Stealthed Rebug Selector and H4C / Guide

    To quote: I (blazie151) made a stealthed version of Rebug 3.55 and 3.41. These versions include ce24 and ce27 for Console ID spoofing.

    Keep in mind at this time FckPSN and ce27 are useless since FckPSN doesn't blank your Console ID on SP-INT. For that reason I included ce24 as well, so that you can blank your console id with charles.

    This also has a stealthed version of rebug selector tested working. Its stealthed as the tetris demo, so if you have that game already, use my homebrew stealthing application and stealth it as something else.

    The 3.41 version has a stealthed rebug selector and the h4c payload stealthed too, both tested working.

    To use it, place rebug's 3.55v1 or 3.41v2 pup in the same folder with the files provided in this post, and double click patch.bat. MD5 hashes included.

    For the worrying ones, I didn't modify anything in coreos, so the brick risk is the same as rebugs cfw. It is tested as well. All this does is add in my stealth measures to the pup before flashing it. All credit still goes to rebug.

    PS3 Rebug 3.55 & 3.41 Stealth Custom Firmware Versions Arrive

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    does this mean we can use psn? sorry for the noob question!

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    You can using the Stealthed Rebug PS3 CFW and the apps posted HERE. Brief guide from pcfreak30.com/2011/04/dns-trick-to-map-retail-game-servers/

    Install Rebug CFW 3.55.1 and enable "SP-Int" mode by going to Debug Settings -> NP Environment and change that to "sp-int". Then for the primary DNS -- under [Settings] -> [Network settings] -> [Internet connection settings] - enter one of these IPs:
    • United Kingdom:
    • United States:

    Run Cex Dex Rebug selector (under Package Manager) and set it to REBUG MODE

    Note: You may need to set "sp-int" again

    Create a new account on dev. PSN using the same PSN ID as your original/regular/retail/production one
    Set the Primary DNS to the IP address of your Windows PC and use as a secondary server

    Then on your PC load up Server Mapper and enter the dev. addresses mapping them to production addresses (some below).

    Call of Duty: World at War
    cod5-ps3-dev.lsg.mmp3.demonware.net --> cod5-ps3-live.lsg.mmp3.demonware.net
    cod5-ps3-dev.lsg.mmp3.demonware.net --> cod5-ps3.auth.mmp3.demonware.net

    DIRT 2
    dirt2ps3dev1.quazal.net --> dirt2ps3live.quazal.net

    Gran Turismo 5

    James Bond 007: Blood Stone
    jb09-ps3-dev.lobby.v200.demonware.net --> jb09-ps3-live.lobby.v200.demonware.net

    Medal of Honor
    gosredirector.stest.ea.com --> gosredirector.ea.com

    PES 2011
    native.sp-int.ac.playstation.net --> native.np-int.ac.playstation.net
    getprof.it.sp-int.community.playstation.net --> getprof.it.np-int.community.playstation.net
    auth.sp-int.ac.playstation.net --> auth.np-int.ac.playstation.net

    Skate 3
    downloads.skate.test.online.ea.com --> downloads.skate.online.ea.com
    gosredirector.stest.ea.com --> gosredirector.ea.com

    Thus far these games are configured to work, automatically mapping development servers to production:
    • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    • Call Of Duty: Black Ops (mixed reports)
    • Call Of Duty: World at War
    • DIRT 2
    • FIFA 11
    • Gran Turismo 5
    • James Bond 007: Blood Stone
    • Medal of Honor
    • Modern Warfare 2
    • PES 2011
    • Skate 3
    • WWE All Stars

    If you are caught Sony may ban your console/PSN ID from their networks though so it's done at your own risk pretty much.

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    And it's only a few games that work etc but it's fairly complicated for very little gain and given very few (in comparison to before 3.60) CFW users will be connecting to PSN I'll be staying away from it.

    Although modding a PS3 to run any software is completely legal (in my eyes) I'm sure Sony would love to jail somebody over this. With all the personal information floating around on PSN, not to mention financial info too, it'd be very easy for Sony to gain support to prosecute a case like this. Just stay off PSN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heroxii View Post
    does this mean we can use psn? sorry for the noob question!
    If we use our real psn account names, isn't it possible that Sony ban the account itself and that we could not use it on any console again?

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    Definitely possible, as barrybarryk said it really isn't worth the risk of using a modded PS3 or one with CFW on PSN. The only safe way is to get a second PS3 for PSN use while keeping the hacked one for homebrew and offline use really.

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    Just use my DNS or the .NET mapper tool..

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    Thanks for the firmware. But I'm not going to play such a game online. It's too risky and doesn't worth with that games. If we find a way to sync our earned trophies, I would really appreciate it.

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    That is the big thing for me is the Trophies. If there were a way to sync our trophies that would be great. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominator7 View Post
    If we use our real psn account names, isn't it possible that Sony ban the account itself and that we could not use it on any console again?
    I doubt it. Because anyone else could create a PSN Dev ID with your own ID. If anything, this is just pissing off real debug users.

    I still think this is highly risky, I wouldn't recommend doing it. It's not like Sony is totally oblivious to what is going on.


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