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    Cool PS3 Original EBOOT.BIN / PARAM.SFO Files Repository

    Hello everyone, This thread is dedicated to PS3 games original files like eboot.bin, param.sfo,etc. These files are needed to play games on PS3 4.xx CFW and to play games which have 1.00+ patches. Links are listed below alphabetically:

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    Also from DeeLaRoc comes a link to his original EBOOT Vault: PS3 Original EBOOT and PARAM Archive / PS3-Org-Eboots


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    This thread is open now. if any one has original files to share you can pm the links to me, i will add them to main page or you can just post them here.

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    Dec 2011
    Can you upload FIFA 13 duplex release original files?

    i need them so bad for 1.03 update.

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    Done as requested.

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    Do u have the original files from Fifa 13, infamous 2, Silent Hill HD Collection, crysis 2, lollipop chainsaw, prince of persia trilogy hd, The Cursed Crusade, virtua tenis 4, god of war origins.. and param of resident evil 6??

    Sry for the super request, have problems with that games cause i have cfw 4.30 and always give me some error when i load the game, i think that is cause all my games are patched for cfw 3.55, anyway, i hope someone help me here, TY!

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    Can someone upload Sleeping Dogs (US)? Thanks.

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    hi guys i am looking for: Hasbro Family Game Night Vol.3 BLUS30578 original eboot & sfo? any takers? thx

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    Sep 2010
    Hi, have someone pls the original eboot und param for Batman Arkham city Game of the Year edition BLUS30978 ?

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    Could someone please upload the original EBOOT.bin of Little Big Planet 2 - Special Edition?


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    Hi! Could one of the moderators please remove the Dark Souls Limited Edition EUR link? This does not contain the original EBOOT. It is actually a dev debug EBOOT. Thanks!

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