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  1. #81
    Metro City Guest
    can you help me by posting PARAM.SFO of Resident Evil 4 HD? my will is corrupt.

    Thanks Guys

  2. #82
    abhreebhu Guest
    All the putlocker links are broken, can someone give some new links???

  3. #83
    yonut32 Guest
    Can someone upload this?? Please

    BLES01921 - Diablo III
    EBOOT.BIN - 6213144 (size)
    PS3UPDAT.PUP - 203618055 (size)

    BLES01807 - Grand Theft Auto V
    EBOOT.BIN - 15023168 (size)

    BCES01584 - The Last of US
    EBOOT.BIN - 10431808 (size)

    I FIX FOR GTA V and for the last of us ..

    INSIDE OF USRDIR folder you got eboot.bin and eboot.orig.bin or eboot_orig.bin it's the good one... THIS IS HOW YOU FIX :

    REMOVE Eboot.bin

    rename eboot.orig.bin or eboot_orig.bin TO EBOOT.BIN

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    yonut32 Guest

  5. #85
    v30334 Guest
    hi, I'm new for this site. i want the ORIGINAL EBOOT files to download, please post related links.


  6. #86
    Sunside Guest
    Link is dead. Please can you give us the original eboot again ?

  7. #87
    djsud Guest

  8. #88
    Vicodin5 Guest


    awesome... thanks

  9. #89
    kruptworld Guest
    hey man how do i access the link? i signed up for mediafire but it says i dont have permission to view it... thanx!

  10. #90
    ivicanikolic034 Guest
    hi,i need bles01128 gta iv complete edition original eboot and param files... i cant open that mediafire link,its says im unable to see folder...even if im registered on mediafire...

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