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    thank you this helped me get like half of my games back up and running on 4.31

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    Hi any body happen to have original eboot and param for Brunswick Pro Bowling??? Please share the same...

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    Nov 2012
    anyone have Max Payne 3 [blus30577] original eboot & param & common.sdat plz???

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    Well, ive found them all, i do not need none i sent you a msg till now was not read, but thats ok!!!

    did you get that game working on 3.55?... i had it, and never get it working proper, i even download the game a few times and no luck with it... i deleted! sorry!

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    Help with The Darkness (Bles00058) EUR?

    Hi guys, i need help with this game, i accidentally erase the Param and the eboot.bin of this game, and i need them in order to make it work, can someone send me or share me a link with this files, or just pm to me, thanks in advance, sorry for bad english

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    Jul 2011
    The Darkness (Bles00058)

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    I need the original EBOOt for Super Street fighter 4 arcade edition

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    Jan 2013
    me too (did you get it ?) it ain't in the list i'm gnona guess no

    lmao its the only game my kids wanna play

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    Jun 2012
    Hello. Is there someone with original eboot and param for Atelier Meruru, BLES version?

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    Hi. Can somebody upload the original eboot and param for Batman Arkham City BLUS version? thank you very much

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