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    THANKS for your share

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    what am I missing to get the main link to work?

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    can someone plz upload eboot for BCES01435 Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Iso Tools says the one i need is 5030216 bytes, NOT 4992752 bytes like every one i find online. thanks

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    The file was not uploaded.. Pls reply ASAP.. Thanks

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    me too, I want the original EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO for GTA 5 and the last of us same verison mentioned

    good news I found this torrent which contain a lot of original EBOOT:

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    I want to ask is it possible to turn the fixed EBOOT to it's Original state?

    I want to thank ifcaro for PS3 PKGView now maybe I can extract the PKG to get the Original EBOOT

    PKGView help to turn the PKG files to normal Files which then I turn to iso so my E3 ODE can run the game

    here the link:

    thought I should share this because it's relevent to finding Original EBOOT

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    Please cars2 bles01328 eboot original

    All links obsolete

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    The Darkness 2 BLES-01388, putlocker link broken!!!

    Can someone give a new link ???

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    Hey PS3GAMER20111 do you have orginal eboot bin for BLUS30554 LA Norie, Thanks man! and PARAM.SFO

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