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    Senior Member Tidusnake666's Avatar
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    And which one 4.46 FW is it guaranteed to work?

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    i'm using rogero 4.46 1.00 and no work for me...

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    wtf ? why ? what a massive waste of time...

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    Video: XMB Mod 4.46.2 Ice Edition for PS3 CFW by IcEmAn Arrives

    Following up on his previous revision, today German PlayStation 3 developer IcEmAn (aka IcEmAn2012) has made available XMB Mod 4.46.2 Ice Edition with details outlined below.

    Download: XMB MOD 4.46.2 [ICE EDITION] / REBUG CFW 4.46.2 XMB MOD v02.03.08 [ICE_EDITION] Installer 1.6.rar (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated:

    1. Install Rebug CFW 4.46.1 [REX EDITION] on the XMB
    2. Place Rebug / RETAIL XMB mode and remove all mods and homebrew PKGs
    3. Install Rebug CFW 4.46.2 XMB MOD v02.03.08 [ICE EDITION]
    4. Install the appropriate homebrew PKGs (homebrew browser)


    Only German XMB Language - Work on CEX DEX and Fashion - ingame

    Refer to the manual:

    Install CFW, Rebug / RETAIL adjust mode, set German language install XMB PKG MOD, MOD start XMB under Network Installer to install the MOD system, enable Fat / Slim theme, POP, font, adjust color and brightness to -3 , Rebug custom toolbox install (Install Manager -> PlayStation Network content) All adjusted Homebrew PKG's via the Homebrew Browser download (with triangle), XMB individually.

    Certain ID's for PKGs (eg PSN games, homebrew, created PS1 games) must be inserted individually!

    XMB MOD Installer must be installed - use backup to the MOD to undo!

    Video: XMB Mod 4.46.2 Ice Edition for PS3 CFW by IcEmAn Arrives

    Video: XMB Mod 4.46.2 Ice Edition for PS3 CFW by IcEmAn Arrives

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    will this program allow me to somehow backup my ps3 game disks? i'm a noob to this site just looking for some answers, sorry if this sounds lame or dumb i am ignorant of this and i desire to learn about it. thanks for your time.

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    Please new link this dead pls

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    The non-mirror link HERE still works fine for me.

    Update: I got your PM, and updated Mirror #2 HERE also.

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    thanks for this xmb mod

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