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Thread: PS3 Modded Custom Firmware (MCFW) 3.55 v2 (iceFW) By IcEmAn WIP

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    NTA Guest
    Someone said the same thing about the psp. PS2 games even still come out lol. When the next sony console comes out, not everyone is going to be immediately dishing out money for it. Of course ps3 games will still be coming out.

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    Netzhaut Guest
    here is a uploaded mirror

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    PS3 Mount Package Install Disc Avoids multiMAN Relaunching by IcEmAn

    Following up on his previous release, today German PlayStation 3 developer IcEmAn (aka IcEmAn2012) has shared a guide on using PS3 Mount Package Install Disc to mount games and avoid multiMAN relaunching with details below.

    Download: PS3 Mount Package Install Disc / PS3 Mount Package Install Disc (Mirror) / Mount Package Install Disc.rar (Mirror #2)

    To quote, roughly translated: Create 4.xx XMB BOOT Packages

    1. Install multiMAN and lastGAME pkg
    2. Mount game with multiMAN (no BD mirror) - Game should be mounted in lastGAME app
    3. Copy content (dev_hdd0/game/BLES80610)
    4. Make a 3.55 mount pkg (xmbgameloader)
    5. Replace EBOOT.BIN and LASTPLAY.BIN (from BLES80610)
    6. Compile the new pkg (_makepkg_hdd.bat/pkg_npdrm.exe)
    • Restart console and mount game with pkg
    • Start game without multiMAN (you can delete lastGAME app)

    4.21 XMB BOOT Packages (Mount Package Install Disc) - 50 Games for German REBUG XMB MOD v01.08.01 (will install in mount games folder under games category)

    1. Extract Mount Package Install Disc.rar in dev_usb/GAMEZ/ or /GAMES
    2. Mount Mount Package Install Disc with multiMAN (like a game)
    3. Insert Original Disc and install Mount Packages files
    4. Restart console
    5. Mount installed Mount Package file (in Mount Games)
    6. Run with disc !

    Mount Packages are modded for REBUG XMB MOD v01.08.01 and shown after Install in Mount Games folder under Games category!
    Games must be in dev_usb000/GAMEZ/ and must have right names!

    • Game is among them: dev_usb000/GAMEZ/Call of Duty – Black Ops II-[BLES01717]/PS3_GAME/...
    • Install Mount Package files, insert a original game, mount it and run the disc!
    • May have problems with memory stalls occur, maybe game data have to reinstall, not work all games!

    From IcEmAn (via 4.21 XMB BOOT Packages (Mount Package Install Disc) 50 Game Mount Packages:

    BD mirror deaktivieren !
    • 50 Cent – Blood on the Sand-[BLES00472]
    • Aliens vs Predator-[BLES00585]
    • Alone In The Dark-[BLES00422]
    • Army of TWO-[BLES00168]
    • Army of TWO – The 40th Day-[BLES00659]
    • Assassin’s Creed II-[BLES00669]
    • Assassin’s Creed III-[BLES01667]
    • Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood-[BLES00909]
    • Assassin’s Creed Revelations-[BLES01467]
    • Batman – Arkham City-[BLES00926]
    • Battlefield Bad Company-[BLES00259]
    • Battlefield Bad Company 2-[BLES00779]
    • Borderlands 2-[BLES01684]
    • Call of Duty – Black Ops II-[BLES01717]
    • Castlevania – Lords of Shadow-[BLES01047]
    • Dead Space-[BLES00309]
    • Dead Space 2-[BLES01040]
    • Dishonored-[BLES01675]
    • Doom 3 BFG Edition-[BLUS31024]
    • Duke Nukem Forever-[BLES01147]
    • F.E.A.R. 3-[BLES00963]
    • FIFA 13-[BLES01676]
    • Gran Turismo Prologue-[BCES00104]
    • Hitman Absolution-[BLES01778]
    • inFamous 2-[BCES01143]
    • Just Cause 2-[BLES00517]
    • Kane & Lynch 2 – Dog Days-[BLES00604]
    • Mafia 2-[BLUS30281]
    • Max Payne 3-[BLES00942]
    • Medal of Honor – Warfighter-[BLUS30990]
    • Mortal Kombat-[BLUS30522]
    • NBA 2K13-[BLUS31028]
    • Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit-[BLES00949]
    • Need for Speed – Most Wanted-[BLUS31010]
    • Ninja Gaiden 3-[BLES01524]
    • Prototype-[BLES00269]
    • Prototype 2-[BLES01532]
    • Rage-[BLES01426]
    • Resident Evil – Operation Raccoon City-[BLUS30750]
    • Resident Evil 6-[BLES01465]
    • Resistance 3-[BCES01118]
    • Sleeping Dogs-[BLES01661]
    • Sniper Elite V2-[BLES01290]
    • Socom – Special Forces-[BCES00938]
    • Sonic Generations-[BLES01236]
    • Spec Ops – The Line-[BLUS30531]
    • Starhawk-[BCUS98181]
    • Syndicate-[BLES01371]
    • Turok-[BLES00187]
    • Uncharted – Drakes Schicksal-[BCES00065]

    Finally, from deank on lastGAME's versatility: lastGAME application gives the moders a lot of freedom:

    1) It loads Hermes payload (for firmwares 3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.30)
    2) It can be repacked with any game ID
    3) A text based configuration (lastplay.bin) in its folder allows you to configure a game to mount/load
    4) You can repack lastGAME with custom LASTPLAY.BIN file to mount any game

    lastGAME is a basic multiMAN add-on for almost two years.

    LASTPLAY.BIN supports parameters for "Direct Boot", "Regular Load/Mount", network or local load of ps1/ps2/psp backups.
    SELF=<path to eboot.bin/.self>
    PATH=<path of game folder>
    USBP=0 or 1 (for 3.41 usb patch mode)
    BOOT=0 or 2 (0 = normal load; 2 = direct boot on 3.55)
    BOOT=1 (1 = for direct boot on 3.41)
    TITLEID=BLES12345 (title ID of the game)
    TYPE=1 for local games (1=PS3 game, 2=AVCHD/BD, other values for BDMOVIE/DVDMOVIE/PS 3ISO/PS2ISO/PSPISO/PSXISO)
    HOST=IP_ADDRESS (for network ISO via net_host)
    PORT=PORT (for network ISO via net_host)
    [imglink=|PS3 Mount Package Install Disc Avoids multiMAN Relaunching by IcEmAn][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Mount Package Install Disc Avoids multiMAN Relaunching by IcEmAn][/imglink]
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    seeman Guest
    where can i get xmb gameloader?? couldn't find any working download link...

    dont care about post before... i just managed to get this working....

    start multiman
    mount game -exits to xmb
    start multiman again
    then copy last game foder bles80610 to your pc (via ftp)
    edit bles80610 (title)
    then just make a pkg and install it..
    game should be on the xmb now!

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    mmanolos Guest
    Since I use Last Game, I always thought that Multiman could easily add a feature like this and without those extra steps. If Deank don't add it I assume it's because he don't want to, not because he can't. If you have icons for every game then you don't need to launch MM again! It goes against his own work.

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    seeman Guest
    thats true... but you still need multiman to get last game working! i always thought that mounting games thru xmb is way more comfortable and looks cooler! i think he should add a button to make a mount icon to xmb straight from multiman!!

    so multiman would be used anyways because u need to create the mount file in the xmb... but you don't need to run it everytime to start a game!

    i think he at least put up this option for those who don't really need the other features of multiman!

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    Video: PS3 AVCHD Movie Packages By IcEmAn Demonstration Out

    Following up on his previous release, today German PlayStation 3 developer IcEmAn (aka IcEmAn2012) shared some AVCHD Movie Packages with details below.


    To quote, roughly translated: Infos for AVCHD Movie Packages for German REBUG XMB MOD v01.08.05! (People don't want English version of v01.08.05 ? So I made it for German only at moment)
    • AVCHD movie packages are adapted to the Rebug XMB MOD v01.08.05 and appear after installation in AVCHD Movies folder under Multimedia category!
    • Films have an AVCHD structure (MTS).!
    • Path: externally in dev_usb003/BLURAY / + correct name!
    • Example - Film is located at: dev_usb003/BLURAY/THE_EXPENDABLES_2_AVCHD/...
    • Movie Package install, restart and start movie on Blu-ray icon from external HDD!

    Thanks to developer deank for lastGAME and other additional information supplied via the forums.


    1. Create (splittet 4gb part) AVCHD-Structure (.MTS) from your movie on external hdd (tsMuxeR)
    2. Install multiMAN and lastGAME pkg
    3. Double click on .../BDMV/INDEX.BDM (multiMAN) - Movie should be mounted in lastGAME app
    4. Copy content (dev_hdd0/game/BLES80610)
    5. Create new ID folder with standard PARAM.SFO
    6. Add EBOOT.BIN and LASTPLAY.BIN (from BLES80610)
    7. Add a movie picture (320x176) and create pkg (make_pkg.exe)

    [imglink=|Video: PS3 AVCHD Movie Packages By IcEmAn Demonstration Out][/imglink]
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    castman Guest
    sorry, I am still a bit noob. I've read that only NAND models wich are the fat good ones can be downgraded in 3.56+ recovery mode
    I had this experience with Rogero 4.21 2.0 cfw and a HUB USB: data corrupted before even recognition (no install of course). ppl, Please!

    There is a cheap way of downgrading this console. I have pratically total control over it, I mean none is going to upgrade it besides me. so Teensy++ look to be the cheapest one because is only U$24+some shipping. More options? will Teensy 3.0 that is cheaper also work?

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    Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition by IcEmAn Out

    Following up on his PS3 AVCHD Movie Packages and the Rebug PS3 CFW release, this weekend German PlayStation 3 developer IcEmAn (aka IcEmAn2012) has made available Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition.

    Download: Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition (English) / Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition (English) (Mirror) / Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition (German) / Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition (German) (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: 1. Install REBUG CFW 4.21.2 [REX EDITION] over XMB
    2. Set REBUG / RETAIL Mode and remove all XMB Mods
    3. Install REBUG CFW 4.21.2 XMB MOD v01.08.06 [ICE EDITION]
    4. Install Homebrew PKG’s (Download Browser)

    • REBUG CFW 4.21.2 XMB MOD [ICE EDITION] Extra Content
    • REBUG CFW 4.21.2 XMB [REX EDITION] Original XMB Installer

    Categories: Set names 1 line down
    • Multimedia = BV
    • Tool = AP
    • Homebrew = AT
    • Games = HG
    • Installer = CB
    • PlayStation Network = HM
    • AVCHD Movies = AM
    • Mount Games = AV

    Boot Info
    • Info: Fotosensitive Epilepsy renamed in Modded Custom Firmware 4.21.2 REBUG [ICE EDITION]

    • User name removed
    • User Icons 001 and 002 changed
    • Support page integrated

    • Network-Settings Info Text extended

    Multimedia/Photo (BV)
    • Photo Category renamed in Multimedia and content removed
    • Multimedia Manager integrated and adjusted
    • Medien Server will shown by activity
    • Screenshot-Function will appropriate

    Tools/Music (AP)
    • Music Category renamed in Tools and content removed

    Homebrew/Video (AT)
    • Video Category changed with TV Category
    • TV Category renamed in Homebrew and content removed

    Games/TV (HG)
    • TV Category changed with Game Category
    • Game Category renamed in Games and content adjusted
    • App/home/PS3_GAME/ renamed in Launch Game (Discless)
    • Mount PKG's will appropriate in Mount Games (AV)

    Game Data/Game
    • Game Category renamed in Game Data and content adjusted
    • Game Data Utility renamed in PS3 Game Data umbenannt and Info Text added
    • Memory Card Utility renamed in Memory Card
    • App/home/PS3_GAME/ moved in Games Category
    • PlayStation Store removed
    • Package Manager moved in Installer Category
    • PS Vita System Application Utility removed
    • Trophy Collection renamed in Trophies

    Installer/Network (CB)
    • Network Category renamed in Installer and content removed
    • Install Manager is devided in 7 Systemfolder: PS3 Hard Disk (Intern) | Homebrew (Tools) | XMB BOOT PKG | PSN Content | PS1 PSN Content | PKG Patches/Updates | PKG Content
    • Install Manager Icons added
    • Unlink Text renamed in Delete

    PlayStation Network (HM)
    • Internet Search und Remote Play added
    • Download Manager integrated

    PSN Contacts/Friends
    • Friends Category renamed in PSN Contacts

    [imglink=|Rebug CFW 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 Ice Edition by IcEmAn Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    MrDarkZer0 Guest
    no love for 4.30.1 user ?

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