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    Whats the rar password?

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    I updated the previous post with it now:

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    thanks it works on cfw 4.31 rogero

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    PS3 Screenshot and Background Music Playback Plugin By Mysis Out

    Following up on the previous updates, PlayStation 3 developer Mysis has now made available a PS3 Screenshot and BGM Playback (and Source Code) Plugin with details below.

    Download: ssht_bgmenable_prx.rar / ssht_bgmenable_prx(2).rar (Mirror) / EP9000-NPEF00080_00-HDDGAME000000000.pkg (Stealth PKG by LilTunechi25)

    To quote: Do you have an idea for how to improve the PlayStation experience? ( - quote Playstation.Blog.Share

    All game titles on PSN should have screenshots - In game music for ALL titles (

    How to:

    1) Compile yourself the PRX / or use the sample in debug folder
    2) Add it to mylist.txt in PRXLOADER
    3) Start PRXLOADER, if successfully loaded you'll get a notification in XMB: "PRX got loaded."
    4) Start your game, press the PS-Button to see "XMB In-game"
    5) Press SELECT for around 2-3 seconds to enable Screenshots+BGM Playback (you'll get notificed once enabled)
    6) have fun taking Screenshots and listening to your own music while gaming!
    • "Save Screenshot" becomes visible in XMB "Photo"-Column
    • Select your MP3 files from "Music"-Column for playback.

    How it works:
    • "getNIDfunc" here gets required OPDs/Exports from VSH and makes them callable from our PRX.
    • No need for VSH patches anymore (and its kind of generic in firmware version, supported PRXLoader versions)
    • No need for a lib
    • Source included

    Note: You can contribute as well, any info about Exports/Procs of VSH would help a lot - just as syscall table (

    Only tested on 4.46 Rebug REX so far...

    PS3 Screenshot and Background Music Playback Plugin By Mysis Out

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    please help.. where do i find the mylist.txt file, i installed PRX in the ps3 but can't find it in the HDD?

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    can i screenshot from cfw 3.55?

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    thanks it works

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