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    PS3 MFW and spoof reversion back to OFW

    I created a MFW 3.15 to replace my OFW 3.15 to enable a few features while keeping my OtherOS. I wanted to enable the firmware spoof to a higher version, but i am concerned i might not then be able to revert back to OFW 3.15 if needed.

    My searches seem to indicate you may be able to reinstall the lower version OFW through the recovery mode regardless of the higher spoof version. Has anyone personally accomplished this or know for certain if this is true? I'm still nervous about not being able to go back to OFW.

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    just install a progskeet solderless and downgrade. progskeet is an awesome device that is still being developed OR you can just go to 3.55 cfw and enable otheros so you can install linux. Also more homebrew is being released for 3.55 so its a better fw to be on

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    Thanks, i have been keeping an eye on progskeet, and may eventually get that or some E flasher. The OtherOs++ on newer firmwares i have also considered, but afaik it mainly runs a debian kernal and i need YDL 6.0 running so i can keep my zerogame emulator setup on that linux version. Once Yellowdog Linux is running perfectly on OtherOS++ 3.55 kmeaw that is definitely the way i would like to go, but i don't think we're there yet, so i need to keep my 3.15 YDL for now. That's why i want to know if i can go back to OFW if i spoof my 3.15 MFW to a higher version. =)

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    Well, since no one seems to have a definitive answer to this, guess i'll just recreate my 3.15 MFW without the spoof. Not taking any chances =)

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