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    swordfish11 Guest

    Question PS3 Launch problems again with CFW

    Hi, I'm a newbie.... just so you know I have installed 3.55KM, MM1.16.01, BDEMU-KM, permissions fix and GAIA. Everything looks great, until I try to launch some games. I use an external disc to move games from computer to PS3. These are the problems:

    Heavy Rain: Starts ok, but only from GAIA.
    Apache: Only starts with MM from external disc. Select + X, Have to do that all times.
    Lara Croft: Same as Apache
    Tron: Same as Apache

    What do you seems to be the problem here? Me, the games or the software...?

    Please help me!!

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    severusx Guest
    Well i know that Tomb Raider requires the "Select+X" launch method so I would assume that the others do too. As for Heavy Rain, are you launching it from Internal or External? I have it on my Internal and it launches without any issue. If you are moving the games from external to internal or vice versa, I would recommend that you delete the Game Data before launching the game again.

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