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  1. #911
    ollio Guest
    resident evil operation raccoon city?

  2. #912
    gonzalz9241 Guest
    keep up the good good work, hope 2 see more tb pkg and please resistance 3

  3. #913
    vrobec Guest
    It seems they are tired or made enough money from dongles. I'm waiting for new eboots for a week or two, then sell the dongle.

  4. #914
    roeykarou Guest
    hello Guys... i downloaded the GAME OF THRONES (vimito) and change the Eboot and all, but still getting eror that the game can not upload... is it because i use not the latest version of TB? is it need to be on the 2.7V in order that game of thrones will run?

    mine i think is 2.62/3 Version (can't remember)

  5. #915
    danielpc99 Guest
    it needs the following setup: TB CFW v2, update 2.7+ so you're right.. dl the 2.7 and update the dongle.

    i would delete the game from your hdd and copy it again after updating.. just in case of another error

  6. #916
    hitek2001 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ollio View Post
    resident evil operation raccoon city?
    Yea waiting on that one too

  7. #917
    tekken57 Guest
    Keep up the great work. can I request an eboot fix for Rocksmith please?

  8. #918
    roeykarou Guest
    ok... help me out here: so NO new releases for games (will it be suitable with the old one as well?)

  9. #919
    niwakun Guest
    I highly doubt that they would release something like USB dongle to play 3.6x+ game, since DEX conversion method can already do the thing.

    Imagine, with a little more tweaks on DEX console, we can play all 3.6x+ games without waiting for a patch. Isn't that gorgeous?

  10. #920
    debmarcley Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    I have a lot of True blue games patched... How do i run it with rogero cfw?

    Or do i have to re download those games?

    Thanks in advance for the help

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