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    Jan 2011
    What about Pro Evolution 2012 is there going to be TB fix ? Ace combat assault horizon popped out, what about Evo

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    please resistance 3

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    Jan 2010
    Hardly worth the wait as Pro Evolution 2013 is due out in September.

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    The Idolmaster Gravure for You Vol 1-8 [アイドルマスター グラビアフォーユー! VOL.1-8] please?

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    Yes it does for me with newest mm 4.03.03 it even worked on earlier mm versions late version 3's hope this helps.

    yes resistance 3 tb i got the duplex version but no eboot way hehe

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    Sup guys, whats going on, the scene is dead for almost a week i just hope something new will come out. PEACE.

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    Jun 2012
    I don't think the scene is dead but I'm really wondering what's keeping them from releasing something at all. I mean, for example Meruru's can't possibly have all that mumbo jumbo code like a Squenix game. We're talking about a Gust game published by those good guys at NISA. They have Prinnies in charge of security... I think. Dood.

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    I wonder why isn't there any new release since so long... for example Atelier Meruru is already out for a month!! I wonder if they really can't hack the new games, just like E3 team said? ... I hope that isn't true, I just got TB few months ago, and if possible I don't want another dongle, and not to speak about the Idolmaster games, I don't know if they just don't care about them, or they're unhackable?

    Well I hope we can see some new releases in the near future!

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    I hope they keep coming out with new tb games, they already came out with over 100, which in my opinion their has always been break periods in between maybe they are making a 2.71.pkg, secondly i do not want another dongle either, i ran out pf ps3 systems got only 2, keep up the good work gents

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    Jun 2012
    i have atelier totori imars BLUS30735. i already replace the eboot & param with the ones from paradox.

    when i start the game... it says: game data is corrupt. you must delete the game and reinstall to play this game.

    what should i do?

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