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    boss1337 Guest
    disappointing VIMTO or even Duplex couldn't have released a fix with the incorrect "movie" bik file sizes fixed, saving a complete redownload of 14 odd gig

    in any case it seems that it was a bad release all round with encrypted files and not just incorrect movie bik files so I guess that's why no fix was posted.

  2. #882
    Xyth Guest
    Another TB fix for 6/5/2012:

    Major_League_Baseball_2K12_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_PS3-EHRGEIZ / Major.League.Baseball.2K12.EBOOT.PATCH.TB.PS3-EHRGEIZ released.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://filefactory.com/file/31epzg4f...GEIZ.part1.rar

    From Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA): Nope, it is called the SDAT 4.0 protection system from Sony. Previously the SDAT was only 2.7.0 and easy to unpack, simple algo. SDAT is a file containing many of the shaders, sounds, and other texture data, compressed together, normally the part that gets installed on your PS3 HDD.

    There been a series of people making MODS on games using this file, since the algo. on how it was packed and encrypted was published, and legit game developers are more worried about MODS then PIRACY, so after much discussion, Sony agreed to encrypt this package with later random (not #4 as a seed) keys called SDAT 4.0 which started to appear in more recent games, part of the reason for the delay in eboots, and for recent TB firmware updates.

    Sadly, some games this file can be huge, the biggest I see is over 5gb like in the FIFA games, so that means in the future some patchs will be super-big as the whole SDAT file has to be included, not just the EBOOTs and SPRXs like before.

    If you blame someone, blame those script kiddies on forums making mods for COD, GTA, etc. and releasing them, in the future it might get worse every file on the BD-ROM disc encrypted with newer random key contained in the firmware.

  3. #883
    carlostete Guest
    Anyone have the Beejeweled 3 eboot True Blue? thanks!

    THIS is the Best Games release waiting for the True Blue: the Contdown: GHOST REACON - RESISTANCE 3 - SPIDERMAN EDGE OF TIME - RESIDENT EVIL RACON - BEEJEWELED 3 = 5 LEFT....

    Remember don't play the games for long time... read the Bible!!!

  4. #884
    Xyth Guest

    New TB Releases 6/6/2012

  5. #885
    carlostete Guest
    THIS is the best Games release waiting for the True Blue:


  6. #886
    roeykarou Guest
    where can i find GOT?!!?!?

  7. #887
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    If GOT is Game Of Thrones, the links are 2 posts up from yours HERE.

  8. #888
    roeykarou Guest
    haha, yes - GOT=Game of thrones, this one i see already (the fix) - i spoke about the GAME itself...

  9. #889
    master32820 Guest
    is vitmo release of game of thrones working? I don't trust their releases after max payne 3

  10. #890
    atko Guest
    something tells me that the older games can't be patched as of yet or they would have been released by now. Pity no one can really find out how to do this and go on the rampage with the eboots

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