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    WAITING FOR Max Payne 3 and Future soldiers

  2. #852
    waiting for sorcery, tiger woods 13 and the new ghost recon eboot fixes

  3. #853
    Pretty sure Tiger Woods 13 has eboot fix already mate.

  4. #854
    I hope they can release Atelier Meruru soon

  5. #855
    I wonder if true blue team can make a last played game app for tb games. The last played game app hasn't worked for me in a while.

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    The Idolmaster Gravure for You Vol 8 is released too, and there is no fix for even Vol 1, though they released The Idolmaster 2... I really hope they'll release the Idolmaster Gravure for You games too, as these are exlucive, only on PS3!

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    waiting for dynasty warrior extreme legend and max payne 3 !

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    Waiting for I Am Alive too, hope they will release soon.

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    has the TB team gave any indication of the release date of the next batch of eboot fixes ?

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    resistance 3 was never released i don't think so, i played 1 and then 2, 3 came out and i was not able to play it anymore. hope tb fix comes. i looked but didn't see one.

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