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Thread: PS3 JailBreak 2 (JB2) / True Blue (TB) CFW PARADOX Game Releases

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    roeykarou Guest
    Hello Friend - as for your 80010514 problem... i had the same one with Batman AC, i tried to replace the Trophy.Dir file, but still no good - only black screen after telling me the game Can't load the trophy info\registration, the game will exit.

    the best solution to you, is to redownload the games in different version - for example: instead of my Batman Ac - IMARS release, i downloaded the Batman AC - VIMITO release - works ace!

    this is my best solution to you... as for games like sniper elite V2 - mine works excellent. try to download the Euro version of it.

    MGS HD collection - i envy you :-||| i need to change my hard drive and put more space in order to play and understand your problem. sorry i can't help you in that matter.

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    za3tot Guest
    Hey guys, is there any eboot patch for ninja gaiden 3 (jp)? Thanks...

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    roeykarou Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by za3tot View Post
    Hey guys, is there any eboot patch for ninja gaiden 3 (jp)? Thanks...
    hey man, this is a link for the TB eboot for ninja gaiden 3, i don't know if it's the eboot working on the Jap version - you can try though (just Backup your original files):

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    za3tot Guest
    thank you

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    banie01 Guest
    Thanks for the suggestion but I think it is not an issue with the rip/download as many of the games giving trophy error 80010514 are ripped direct from the discs. (All actually aside from sniper elite V2 which is the PS3_RIOT version) I have tried delete game data and save data and reinstall, delete game image and rerip and both with no joy.

    Its quite frustrating at this stage having 3.6+ games boot and older games giving the 80010514 error.

    Would copying trophy data over to the correct directory circumvent this issue? Or is that Data console specific?

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    dhemy Guest
    hi banie01, the problem isn't at the game data or save data but in trophy dir... (commonly bad hdd or corrupt data in hdd)
    i have same problem but now fixed. you just have to restore your ps3 in ps3 system setting = restore default settings, thats what i do to fix that problem (i dunno if this can fix your problem) but all save data and psn game will disappear

    hopefully this will help...

    Quote Originally Posted by carlostete View Post
    how do i play the original BluRay Metal gear solid 4 guns of patriots? i have the black screen.
    are you using tb dongle?? if yes don't insert the dongle in ps3 just turn on your ps3 in normal without dongle.. thanks maybe it can help...

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    roeykarou Guest
    Hey Guys, i want to make sure about something before i start: i just bought the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB WD5000BPVT hard drive for my Ps3 to upgrade my internal memory. i also have a TB dongle and started play games with it... now, before i change the hard drive, i do backup utlity for the folders i have, and then i'll put the new hard disk.


    1. the back up will save all the games i have now inside my ps3? (like fifa 12, outland, PSN games, etc...)?
    2. what will happen to my multiman and TB v.2.61 update?
    3. will the console still be Hacked?
    4. is this Hard drive i bought suitable to my PS3 Fat system?

    Please Help on this Guys


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    Liongooder Guest
    Honestly i don't know, but i've been planning to do the same thing. and if your hard drive is SATA then buy a cable to connect to PC and convert it to FAT32.. maybe after that you can just copy paste. hope i helped PEACE HOMIE.

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    banie01 Guest
    Just gave this a try, unfortunately its made no difference

    Thanks for the suggestion tho

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    Liongooder Guest
    Still waiting for Resident Evil Operation Racoon City & the game that PARADOX forgot about which is (Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai)
    i hope someone will do something about & THX.

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