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Thread: PS3 JailBreak 2 (JB2) / True Blue (TB) CFW PARADOX Game Releases

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    daivyphuong Guest
    84 eboot I Uploaded 14/52012

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    deep4u2joy Guest
    nice.. thanks...

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    roeykarou Guest
    YES!! MGS HD !!! great job guys!!!

    one more thing... can someone please post again the Batman: AC game for ps3 for download or the Rayman Origins game...
    i try to find them, but no good...


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Rayman Origins hasn't been fixed yet, sorry. An unofficial Batman Arkham City patch can be found HERE though.

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    roeykarou Guest
    Thanks mate.

    but are you sure about rayman fix? i see one in the true blue main site...

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    ilovehc Guest
    need a NEW TB patch for CHILD of EDEN please!

    the old patch makes the game unplayable (black screen on first level)

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    carlostete Guest
    how i play metal gear solid hd in external HD? thanks

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    killer124 Guest
    yeah heymanhru was mistaken, there is a fix that works properly, fun game!

    will be testing mgshc later on tonight. how come all those old grps start releasing tb btw, seems so damn fishy lol

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    daivyphuong Guest
    Rayman fix here mate work 100000000000000000%

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    romhunter Guest
    I'm tired of people that don't get ps3 scene official releases (games and fixes) and says so many bs. Learn something, suckers!

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