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    atko Guest
    think its time we saw some more eboots from the TB team. We have waited long enough now and its not looking like the cloners are not gonna be using the last released eboots for awhile. So annoying waiting for them and my patience is wearing kinda thin lol

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    TheDevil Guest
    Work or not: that is the big question. Havnt seen a single TB games patch for a new game for at least a month so i got a feeling that TB is at the end of its run. TB will definitely never ever be a "real" or "forever" jailbreak as it is right now .. in one end of the forest the Sony witch tries to lure the loaded kids into her house made of russel sprouts .. and in the other end of the forest is the starving pack of wolves where the alpha wolf keeps all the fat secrets and the rest of the wolves live in hope they get thrown a meatless scrap from time to time.

    Anyways a "forever" jailbreak is a illusion and will never happen again. Simply as the gaming consoles has gotten so advanced that Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will always be able to "upgrade" security. Old consoles like the ps1 wasnt really that advanced (quite limited) so you could install/use a "futuresafe" (or at least longterm) backup solution. The PSP backup scene was a bit special as the "cat and mouse" play between Sony and CFW-ing was incredible fast (so it feels like a permanent solution-ish). Too bad this didnt move onto the ps3.

    Quote Originally Posted by jakedgreatz View Post
    .. Isn't it that way the files are already fresh and clean and no mess at all? ...

    .. Another thing, i have updated my TB to 2.6.1 is there a way that i can downgrade and use the 2.5.1 update to the dongle? ...
    Clean files: indeed, im guessing your system files are ok .. but as always hard to tell.

    Downgrading: It should be no problem downgrading your CFW and dongle to 2.51 again. First get the CFW v2 from the official site again (as its still the old v2.5) and install it. Then get the 2.51 update pkg and install it (as described in the included readme.txt and only insert the dongle when it asks for it) .. once 2.51 is on the dongle it will update you 2.5 CFW to 2.51 on the next boot.

    It actually also make sense using the old 2.51 as 2.61 is still quite new and as 2.51 works with pretty much the 99,9% same games as 2.61 so it doesn't really matter gaming-wise. The early 2.6 update also caused a lot of troubles for people with spoofers (so they made the 2.61 update to fix it). I got a feeling that 2.51 is a lot more "stable" than 2.61 in general .. but its just a hunch. Definitely worth a try tho.

  3. #783
    ps3medic Guest
    I can understand a programmable device that can be re-used but what do you get from the TB besides worries about your PS3 being formatted?

    please don't flame me, it is a point of view with a serious question at the end.

    regards all.

  4. #784
    Divinehand Guest
    TB let you play 4.00 games?

  5. #785
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah, many 3.60+ games are supported with the TB including games 4.00+.

  6. #786
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Some report from me.

    Shadow of the Damned and Syndicate both froze once during save/load procedures. Seems to be a TB patch issue, but other than that, it's perfectly fine

  7. #787
    jakedgreatz Guest
    i can say that my BD Drive is working at all. Coz i can still load my 3.55 cfw games. it's only on my tb games that it won't play and it's giving me the error.

    Update. Still no go. same error 80010017 when launch TB games.

    I just formatted hdd, reinstalled 3.55 ofw, updated to 3.55 kmeaw, updated to tb 3.55 DG, then reinstalled TB dongle 2.6.1, then just now updated to 2.6.2 i just got a new tb update with 2.62 version still no avail.

    i'm getting tired of this already. i have wasted a lot of time to redownload new tb games, reformat, reinstall and update the whole thing just for the tb games to work. i'm almost gonna be pissed off. haha i dunno what's the problem with this thing.

    Update: finally i've got it to work after all the time i spent and trying out. Here's what i did.

    1. Changed internal ps3 hdd.
    2. Ps3 was looking for firmware so i installed d 3.55 ofw
    3. Then straight away updated to 3.55 cfw tb
    4. I bypass the 3.55kmeaw/geohot just to test if it will work. Coz before i was under 3.55kmeaw then updated to 3.55cfw tb. So i think thats the wrong move that i did. So its better from 3.55 ofw then update to 3.55cfw tb.
    5. Updted my tb dongle to the latest one. Tb 2.62
    6. Booted up with tb dongle installed
    7. Installed multiman 2.4.00 full - 2.4.02 -
    8. Finally loaded up bd disc, run multiman.
    9. Plug in external hdd. Select dirt3 from the list
    10. Launched from bd disc dirt 3. Ran from ext hdd
    11. Then bam it load straight away no hiccups at all.

    Note: ps3 slim, left port tb dongle, right port 2tb 3.5 ext hdd

  8. #788
    TheDevil Guest
    Gratz! I think you are right, the order/times you update the firmware probably matters a lot too. When i think back i'm a bit surpriced how many times i've updated myself .. and then there is all the additional patchers and spoofers as well (amazing that my ps3 hasn't broken down yet after all that abuse).

  9. #789
    iainbr Guest
    Thought this thread was about True Blue (TB) CFW PARADOX Game Releases. Every time we see a post, people seem to get there hopes up of new eboot patches. Sorry was just making a point, don't want to offend anyone.

  10. #790
    bockers Guest
    Here's a post to get your hopes up

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