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    Contributor jakedgreatz's Avatar
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    May 2012

    try using so you can speak english.

    i also dont know how to speak spanish. i only use google translate

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    Hello: i need play Batman Arkham city Catwoman part, any ideas how i unlock the catwoman? i hear the Reactpsn but i need other way to unlock the cat woman with try blue dongle, because the reactpsn is very complicate install. thanks

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    Sr. Member dyceast's Avatar
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    Oct 2006

    From what ive read, ReactPSN is the only way so far.

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    My first language is spanish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlostete View Post
    Hello: i need play Batman Arkham city Catwoman part, any ideas how i unlock the catwoman? i hear the Reactpsn but i need other way to unlock the cat woman with try blue dongle, because the reactpsn is very complicate install. thanks
    Maybe it's boring the first installation, preparing your system. When everything is ready, add a new DLC is done in 1 minute.

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    i'm still stuck with my TB dongle cant play tb games. ex: dirt 3, street fighter x tekken, ridge racer unbounded, sniper elite v2 etc..

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    Nope, i suggest always using the dongle in the rightmost usb port. Aka the "primary usb port for dongle use" is the rightmost one.

    Based on history: since the down of man, when the first great ape picked up a usb-stick and gasped in awe of the tehnology of jailbreaking .. the first ape then inserted the dongle in the rightmost usb port. Same with downgrading and pretty much any generation or clones after too.

    Again id like to note that this is simply based on experience and is in no way a rule or official advice .. as there has been no official user/install guide at all from TB team. If you already have TB working fine from the Left usb, then please continue using it from there .. because if it works then it works

    So hard to tell, but i think you mentioned that you got Dirt3 to work previously, so at least that one should be prepatched/correctly dumped and patched. Perhaps all your games are prepatched but donno, as so many game dumps gets released as "gamename TB" but hasnt actually been pre-patched.

    Perhaps try the TB patch viewer?

    I haven't tried it myself but it really looks neat.

    Advice: I still think your TB is working ok as if it didnt work your ps3 would either not boot at all, or you would get messages from Multiman like "BD-emulator driver not fould/working" etc. My best guess: uninstall MM (if there is MM config files on your usb-stick make sure to delete em) and install version 02.09.02 (or 02.09.01 or 02.09.00) of Multiman instead (suspect: your MM has messed up somehow).

    And just to make sure when you run a game:

    1. boot ps3
    2. enter MM
    3. click on the game you want to play
    4. once inside the normal ps3 menu: insert a genuine ps3 game disc in your drive.
    5. if the game doesn't autoload, scrool up until you get to the game disc icon and click it to launch the game.
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    does this really work? I've been waiting for a "real" jailbreak... fooorevvver

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    I also suspect that my TB is working fine. Coz it was working before Dirt3 on external hdd, then was shocked after it restarted then bam gave me the error 80010017. I'm just thinking, coz i reformatted the ps3 hdd already, meaning fresh from start, then install ofw, tb cfw, then updated my TB dongle to 2.6.1 but still having the same error. Isn't it that way the files are already fresh and clean and no mess at all?

    Another thing, i have updated my TB to 2.6.1 is there a way that i can downgrade and use the 2.5.1 update to the dongle? coz i tried updating it again with 2.5 and it doesn't work but when i updated it again to 2.6.1 it works fine. I dunno if i can plug it in to pc then just format straight away, then update it to 2.5 again? i haven't try though

    real jailbreak is out there already bro. 3.55 cfw kmeaw. if you don't want any dongle at all then use that. but for a bit newer games there's the TB dongle to load up games that require 3.55 higher fw in able for it to run.
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    Banned go4's Avatar
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    Mar 2012

    jakedgreatz- Is the BD drive working still? Some people with the same issue say it's a dead laser/IC board/bd drive. Hopefully not.


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