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  1. #751
    xtianoPL Guest
    Whoa! Vey nice! Good work

  2. #752
    jakedgreatz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pimpinela View Post
    A couple questions:

    - Is the light on TB dongle red or green? If it's red then something is wrong.
    - What usb port are you using?
    -yes the tb dongle goes from red to green. So green when running ps3 or booted to xmb.
    -left on my ps3 slim is my tb dongle. Right port is my external hdd

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    pranilrt Guest
    i am waiting for naruto: ninja generations, resident evil: o r city, ninja gaiden 3 eboots. hoping to hear soon.

  4. #754
    jakedgreatz Guest
    Hi, how you fix tb eboots?

  5. #755
    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can't, you will have to wait for TB team or someone else to fix them.

  6. #756
    ilovehc Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jakedgreatz View Post
    -left on my ps3 slim is my tb dongle. Right port is my external hdd
    try to invert it

  7. #757
    jakedgreatz Guest
    Ok will try later will let you guys know.

    Inverted it just now. This time it gave me error 80010007 instead the before error 80010017.

    Still didnt work for me.

    pls help...

  8. #758
    TheDevil Guest
    Well 80010007 is basicly "cannot decrypt"-message so usually mean that the game is wrongly patched (or hasnt been patched at all with the correct TB game patch). This is a "much better" error message as it basicly means that your TB should be working and it read the game files without errors but failed to decrypt it.

    So if you either dumped the game yourself or got it online:
    • try manually repatching the game again with the correct individual patch.

    And make sure to keep the original files as well (there is a whole bunch of reason why you should keep em).

    General tips on using TB:
    • On bootup its lights red for the first 20-30 seconds at least and then turns green.
    • Always boot with TB in the "primary" usb port (aka the right one on a slim).
    • Always boot with just the TB dongle in the port (aka wait untill after bootup to hook up external hdd, usb sticks etc).
    • Good idea to turn off the power completely when shutting down the ps3 (aka unhook the power cable or switch off on wall socket).
    • If your ps3 completely denies to boot .. try booting without the TB dongle and after you enter the ps3 menu insert the dongle and reboot without unplugging the power).

    Note that this isnt "the rules" but just general advise from experience.

  9. #759
    chr15m Guest
    Always boot with TB in the "primary" usb port (aka the right one on a slim).

    you mean the left one, the first port is on the left

  10. #760
    Hipmans Guest
    I have my TB in the right usb port on my slim and my external hdd connected to the left port at all times so also on booting. I updated my 3.55 Kmeaw straight to TB CFWv2 from xmb, so not through recovery/factory mode whatsoever.

    Until now all games I tried run flawless so in your case I guess it's either like TheDevil said a bad patch or maybe a bad dongle

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