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    Quote Originally Posted by dhemy View Post
    maybe it can help you... i dunno.. try this attachment below extract then replace the param.nfo
    Thanks for the file, dhemy.

    So, I did some successful tests and now I confirm that US TB patch works on Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland EUR version (BLES01221). But replace the EBOOT.BIN file only and let multiMAN (or your favorite loader) patch the PARAM.SFO to 3.55.

    Because the PARAM.SFO file delivered in the TB patch is the one from US version of the game with "BLUS30735" code and it may cause some issues with the rest of the EUR game files that have the "BLES01221" code.

    Like the US version, the games runs internal, external and "discless".

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    I guess True Blue Team magic is over... That is why there is not a single release for so many days...

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    Guess, it's what i'm writing from months and months "Don't overwrite your param.sfo NEVER!!! MM will fix it for you"

    But thanks for remind us

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    Big Grin

    anyone have link of mossou orochi 2... thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by snil View Post
    I guess True Blue Team magic is over... That is why there is not a single release for so many days...
    Street Fighter X Tekken TB JP is in the wild:



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    farrkkkk i wish i was japanese so i could say theres another game i could play arrgh *jealous*

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    Is there any way to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 without TB?

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    Nope. Not at the moment..

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    No way, unless you get the original BD and upgrade your PS3 to OFW 3.7+

    That question must not be in here!

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    PARADOX, where are you? When can we expect a new release?

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