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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ilovehc View Post
    Someone have Armored Core V PAL ANTiDOTE? what's your language in game? mine is JAP... maybe is for the TB patch... how can i change it?? please help me
    Armored_Core_V_PS3-ANTiDOTE = BLES01440 = English language and may others.
    Armored_Core_V_USA_PS3-CLANDESTiNE = BLUS30516 = English language and may others.

  2. #672
    ilovehc Guest
    Do you think that if i put the JAP TB patch (only available) the game will be in japanese?

  3. #673
    Bartholomy Guest
    Jap eboots don't work with EUR / USA rips

  4. #674
    dhemy Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by DaveKramer View Post
    Still need Atelier Totori European version (BLES01221) TB Patch because only US version exists...
    maybe it can help you... i dunno.. try this attachment below extract then replace the param.nfo

  5. #675
    bitsbubba Guest
    couple small releases from me:

    Skyrim update TB 1.05 (requires 1.02 TB update installed)

    Street Fighter X Tekken TB DLC (adds 12 characters & enables 5: list in the README) doesn't require any Game Data installed (saves room on internal HDD)

  6. #676
    bonscot Guest
    thanks bubbah i was waitin for something like that to get released *tries to grab ya on the doodle while i'm cuddling ya*

  7. #677
    fallingdove Guest
    For the SFXT patch, it is only for the characters right bitsbubba? - no costumes/colors/gems?

  8. #678
    bitsbubba Guest
    just character2 (adds 12, enables 5, in the README) when we figure how to do costumes/colors/gem I'll be quick to pkg it up too

    Thanks Boss

  9. #679
    ilovehc Guest
    I need Armored Core V TB EUR PATCH

    However i'm in trouble with MW3 eur... it's in french language.. i need italian or at least english... any suggestion?

  10. #680
    bitsbubba Guest
    MW3 try changing PARAM to the BLUS version (might also work for Armored Core V)

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